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GameInfinity is the Biggest Web3 gaming platform with in-Game NFT's that yield profit to holder on every session. The project has achieved 100000+ active players and 50,000+ game sessions in just 2 months. Its the Big Product with Big NFT token Presale !
Pre Sale
8 апр. 2022 г.
9 мая 2022 г.
100% завершено
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Cap 23 490 000.00
Hard cap 78 300 000.00
  • 80000 GAMEIN
    1 BNB
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О проекте GameInfinity

GameInfinitity is a Blockchain gaming metaverse to host and deploy Singleplayer and Multiplayer games. The platform includes a games store to download and play games and a gaming collectible NFT marketplace integrated with games.

The GameInfinity mission is to offer a friendly and lucrative Blockchain gaming experience with access to NFT’s as well.

GameInfinity combines the gaming and blockchain in its most superior way and wishes to develop a passive economy to the project. We believe in the future of Blockchain and Metaverse in the gaming world and there is an opportunity now to build good reliable products and a strong economy from gaming.

At the same time we want to create value for our token holders and provide them an identity in this revolutionary gaming world. Inline with the roadmap we will have active gamers, developers, content creators to fuel the GameInfinity metaverse.

We aim to bring all the game enthusiasts, players and developers at one panel to build, explore games of all categories on Web3 & Metaverse. The panel is also intended to generate a common sharing economy for all the active participants.

GameInfinity Roadmap

  • August 2021 - Whitepaper launch

  • The website & whitepaper was launched with the basic project
    information and a free access to account.
  • Sept 2021- Airdrop & Bounty Starts

  • Inviting crypto and web3 gaming enthusiasts to join the success journey of
  • Oct-2021 - 1st Web3 Game release

  • We released our first web3 game 2048 for the public play and it crossed
    60,000 sessions in just 30 days.
  • Jan 2022

  • Whitelist Program
    Access to early adopters of GAMEIN token for simple price

    Launch 2nd Game
    Releasing cricket voting game, first ever Web3 game on cricket

    Design Game NFT
    First set of Unique in-Game NFT’s designed for 2 games
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  • Feb 2022

  • Open Presale
    Open Presale phase 1 of 4% total supply at 1 BNB=80,000 GAMEIN

    Airdrop Host
    Release Airdrop for social media, youtube and writers community

    Partnership drive
    Setup active partnership with developers, promoters and gaming platforms.
  • March 2022

  • Launch Hextris Game
    The 3rd Game of our Web3 gaming panel, the same metrics as 2048 game

    Gamer Profile Launch
    A public profile of Gamers on GameInfinity, share it and build profile value.

    Update Tokenomics
    Updated the airdrop and presale distribution as per the experts advice for rapid
  • April 2022

  • Presale Phase 2
    A small raise in price for early adopters of GAMEIN, 1 BNB = 60,000 tokens

    NFT Minting
    Minting / presale of all in-game NFT’s, the holders will only receive NFT rewards

    GAMEIN Listing
    Listing of GAMEIN token on PancakeSwap with a higher price than of Presale

    Launch 4th game
    The 4th game will boost up the token usage and platform users too
  • May 2022

  • NFT Listing
    The NFT’s minted will be listed in the early may with high volume announcement

    Reward Distribution
    Distribution of all rewards in locked fund, NFT rewards and Airdrop rewards

    Launch 5th Game
    More engaging game with maximum use of GAMEIN token from direct purchase


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