Freedom Dividend Coin

Freedom Dividend Coin

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Universal Basic Income is a great humanitarian solution. UBI that is non-inflationary is even
better. This is where the Freedom Dividend comes into play. Inflation is not desirable as it leads to
higher prices and a higher cost of living.
The Freedom Dividend is a monthly dividend that goes to the community. It is non-inflationary
as it is funded by a 10% Transfer Rate. Freedom Dividend Coin is the smart contract ERC-20 token
that distributes the decentralized Freedom Dividend. It has a fixed supply of 25 million tokens.
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О проекте Freedom Dividend Coin

We've been here before. The 2008 Financial Crisis was a wake up call that there was a fault in
our economic system. Now in 2020 things have only gotten worse as wealth inequality keeps
We are approaching the end of our fiat currency system. With inflation and centralization being
key drivers in this economic disaster.
The productivity has never been higher and yet people are living paycheck to paycheck1
. Now
with this economic downturn people are living no paycheck to no paycheck. The labor force
participation rate is near its lowest point in decades2
. Millions have already lost their homes, wealth,
and families in the past decade. Millions more are going to lose everything again in this economic
depression. With automation increasing most of these jobs will never return. A Freedom Dividend is
part of the solution.
Freedom Dividend
Each Ethereum address can collect a Freedom Dividend every 30 days. The Freedom Dividend
is distributed in FDC tokens. It is variable in size in order to guarantee it is non-inflationary. It is
funded by the 10% Transfer Rate, no inflation.


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