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Foobee is bringing human connection to crypto with the world's first, “Swipe-to-Earn” social dating application.
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О проекте Foobee

Foobee’s first-to-market platform is powered by e-commerce which utilizes Foobee Token's purchasing power! Users will dynamically swipe through other users, purchase goods and services from merchants, and refer friends to earn FBE tokens as they go. This makes earning Foobee Tokens the fastest, easiest and most engaging way to earn tokens in the world!

Foobee Mission

Unlike other social media platforms, Foobee is not a community intended for silent scrolling or social validation! We want to bring humanity to the digital world, and this means encouraging users to participate in their communities as much as possible. By redefining both lifestyle engagement and social interactions, Foobee is an engaging space for users to connect with others on a personal basis!

From social interactions to earning and spending currency, Foobee’s platform is streamlined for simplicity and user-friendliness, making it accessible to almost anyone. Foobee has new and casual crypto users in mind as well -- one of our goals is to make cryptocurrency fun and easy to get into.

Everything you need to meet, engage and earn is found right here in the Foobee app!

How it Works

Foobee is the world’s first dating and social meetup integrated crypto ecosystem. We allow users to earn our native Foobee Tokens based on how they connect with others on the platform. With Foobee you are always in control, building your own networks within the greater community! Combined into a single intuitive interface, Foobee redefines and gamifies the dating and social app experience, by using tokens to motivate users to engage within the Foobee ecosystem.

What Makes Foobee Unique

Foobee is creating a virtual community where interactions are sincere and where time is valued rather than wasted! Foobee rewards engagement and participation with FBE tokens that are used to subscribe to networks and purchase deals and discounts within Foobee’s eCommerce platform.

  • Join us as we create a socially-driven cryptocurrency ecosystem
  • Connect to other Foobee users who share your interests, activities, and preferences all while earning Foobee Tokens.
  • Control of your Network, Activities, Connections and Token transactions
  • Participate in a healthy, sincere, and like minded community
  • Board Members

    We pride ourselves on the diversity of our team range of industry experts and specialists from around the world who comprise our team, bringing an eclectic array of perspectives, knowledge, skills, and ideas. We’re united in our desire to revolutionize the social media industry and we’re dedicated to designing and delivering the best interpersonal engagement tool the world has ever seen.


Foobee’s robust, swipe-based social meetup and dating functionality automatically prioritizes users based on their shared activities and interests (also known as Cravings). Foobee’s base platform also includes Foobee crypto wallet and cryptocurrency infrastructure unavailable to the United States and its territories.

    • Profile 

      Create Your Profile.

    • Craving 

      Select Your Cravings.

  • Wallet 

    User verification By Creating Your Foobee Wallet.

    • Referrals

      Earn by swiping and referring friends.

  •  Match
    • Match and Message Users.

  •  Spend Token

    Spend your tokens within the Foobee Ecosystem.



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