Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco

San Francisco , United States

О проекте Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco

MeetToMatch: The San Francisco Edition will run all week while people are in town for PGC and GDC. It’s the platform for business in the games industry (and has been since 2017), operating all over the city during the week’s conference activities. Trusted by hundreds of publishers, investors, and developers, the MeetToMatch messaging and matchmaking platform enables you to get in contact with the right people from game companies around the world.

And because it’s operating all week, a ticket to Pocket Gamer Connects enables you to use it all week.

We’ve partnered with MeetToMatch to ensure that a ticket to Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco includes access to MeetToMatch: The San Francisco Edition beyond the conference. If you have a ticket to Pocket Gamer Connects, you can use the platform to make meetings all week at locations around the city. And with a Pocket Gamer Connects ticket, you will be able to use the Pocket Gamer Connects meeting zone at the lovely Hibernia Hotel to hold your meetings (even non-PGC users of MeetToMatch will be able to join you at our meeting tables).


Kendryx Linscott
Chief Marketing Officer of Esport Canada Esport Canada
Stuart Dinsey
Filipp Karmanov
CEO & Founder at Black Snowflake Games Black Snowflake
Chase Bethea
Composer & Creative/Technical Music Designer
Maria Aloupi
CEO & Game Producer beyondthosehills
Brendan Fraher
General Manager GameRefinery
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Noah Falstein
Founder The Inspiracy
Sebastian Park
Co-Founder/Venture Partner BITKRAFT
Joe Ferencz
Chief Executive Officer at Gamefam, Inc. Gamefam
Ethan Vodde
Attorney Lee & Hayes Lee & Hayes
Massimo Maietti
GM & SVP of Product at Scopely Scopely
Sarah Fuchs
Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Board Chair Muus Collective


18 мар. 2024 г., 09:00 , PST (UTC -8)
19 мар. 2024 г., 18:00 , PST (UTC -8)