Penn Blockchain

Philadelphia , United States

О проекте Penn Blockchain

Our conference is the largest of its kind, seeking to bridge the gap between academia and industry in the pursuit of building and using decentralized systems.

We bring together the brightest minds and talents around the world and provide them with the infrastructure to grow and develop.


Andre Serrano
Product & Partnerships | Stacks Foundation Stacks Foundation
Jon Charbonneau
Co-founder & General Partner at DBA DBA
Founder & CEO | Initia
David Beiner
CEO and Founder at Hume Hume
Neel Somani
Founder | Eclipse Eclipse Laboratories Inc.
Oliver Harris
Head of Digital Assets | Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs
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Catrina Wang
Investment Partner | Portal Ventures, Head of Speakers of PBC Portal Ventures
Sidney Powell
CEO | Maple Finance Maple
Remi Gai
Chris Maddern
Co-Founder & CEO | Floor Floor
Henri Stern
Co-Founder & CEO | Privy Privy
Justin Mellilo
Founder & CEO | Mona Mona
Co-founder | Berachain Berachain
Evan Fisher
General Partner | Portal Ventures Portal Ventures
Chris Maddern
Co-Founder & CEO | Floor Floor
CEO | Skip Protocol Skip Protocol
Tarun Chitra
Founder | Gauntlet Gauntlet
Jason Yano
Co-founder | Blockworks Blockworks
Keone Hon
Co-founder & CEO | Monad
Jason Fang
Founding Partner | Sora Ventures Sora Ventures
Amanda Young
Investor | Collab & Currency Collab+Currency
Head of Reseach | Maven 11 Maven 11
Gil Rosen
Venture Investor, Builder, and Data Guru Blockchain Builders Fund | BBF
Kent Lin
President @Harvard Blockchain Harvard Blockchain
Pranav Kanade
Head of Digital Assets | Van Eck Van Eck Securities Corporation
Franklin Bi
Partner | Pantera Pantera Capital
Tom Schmidt
Partner | Dragonfly Dragonfly Capital
Marcos Christos Veremis
Partner | Accolade Accolade Partners
Manrui Tang
Co-Founder | Untangled Finance Untangled Finance
Josh Lehman
Executive Director | Urbit Urbit
Sarah Hammer
Executive Director | The Wharton School The Wharton School
Prof. Sriram Vishwanath
Professor | UT Austin
Nikhil Raman
Investor | Union Square Ventures Union Square Ventures - USV
Parth Chopra
Principal | Bain Crypto Bain Capital Crypto


23 февр. 2024 г., 09:00 , AEST (UTC +10)
24 февр. 2024 г., 18:00 , AEST (UTC +10)
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