Geckocon Conference 2022


О проекте Geckocon Conference 2022

GeckoCon is back, and this time we will bring you up to speed on how Web3 will empower the Decentralized Future.

Join us to gain insights from thought leaders and innovators from across the blockchain sphere as we explore how Web3 will impact the future of the Creative Economy, Finance, Governance, Business and more!

Get ready to take the digital leap forward in our exclusive series of virtual keynotes, panel sessions and workshops


Sam Kazemian
Co-founder & President, Everipedia


$15 950 000

Chandler Song
Co-founder & Product Manager
APAC Community Lead, MakerDAO
Darius Sit
Digital Asset Trading
Leah Callon-Butler
CIO / Co-Founder
Siong Ong
Mercurial Finance/ Jupiter Aggregator Team Leader
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Aleksander Larsen
Alexei Falin
CEO & Co-founder
Artur Sychov
Founder & CEO @SomniumSpace
Ben Fairbank
Co-Founder & CEO
Samantha Yap
Founder & CEO of YAP Global
Sebastian Borget
Sandbox Co-Founder
Kosala Hemachandra
Founder and CEO MEW (MyEtherWallet)
Marissa Trew
Head Of Content at TZ APAC
Irene Zhao
SOCOL Co-Founder
Patrick Larsen
ZenLedger CEO
Dennison Bertram
Tally CEO
TM Lee
Co-Founder & CEO at CoinGecko
Bobby Ong
Co-founder CoinGecko
Bobby Ong
Co-founder CoinGecko
Amitej Gajjala
Founder at Stader Labs
Nexus Mutual
Tegan Kline
Alex Svanevik
Nansen CEO
Mike Dudas
Founder & CEO, The Block
Jon ShapeShift
Shapeshift DAO Co-Founder
Kevin Owocki
Eyal Eithcowich
DeepDAO Founder
Natalie Luu
Terraform Labs Head of Ecosystem Development


14 июл. 2022 г., 09:00
15 июл. 2022 г., 15:00