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О проекте 4th VanFUNDING 2018: CONVERGE

#VF2018 offers world-class education, funding and networking opportunities delivered via keynotes, TEDx-style presentations, panels, workshops, executive round tables, investor pitching, meeting exchanges and mentoring covering Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto, Artificial Intelligence, Crowd and Distributed Finance, Regtech, Payments, Open and Digital banking, Identity and Security, International Trade, Alternative Investing and Innovation Finance topics from a diverse range of perspectives including emerging technologies, investment, regulation, Canadian competitiveness, global innovation and humanity.

This year’s theme, CONVERGE, immerses participants and builds bridges with the most disruptive emerging technologies, capital market innovations and key stakeholders that are powering new global markets, new decentralized models, new forms of computer intelligence, new IP, new infrastructure and new alternative investment opportunities that encapsulate the vision of a Web 3.0. 

Consumers, businesses, incumbents, institutions and governments can no longer sit on the sidelines.  The convergence, decentralization and digital transformation of financial technologies is accelerating at break-neck speed globally, impacting the future of finance and society at all levels.  We are witnessing unprecedented change that will impact our daily lives in how we interact with financial services, generate digital wealth, invest, evaluate, consume, vote, store, transfer and purchase anything of value.  How fast will already existing services be adopted by the masses, which continents will quantum leap to the future, which companies will transform the global ecosystem as they scale? And will the world be a better place as they do so?

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VanFUNDING 2018 is a not to be missed BLOCKCHAIN, FINTECH & FUNDING INNOVATION and ALT INVESTING conference that features high growth emerging technologies, regulations, game changing projects, the latest trends, deal flow, and investment opportunities. VF2018 brings markets to life with authentic dialogues and engaging stories that educate, inspire and resonate with innovative start-ups, scale-ups, investors, service providers, thought leaders, policy makers and financial institutions who are leading the next generation of finance. Connect with leading experts and learn how to build, buy or sell in Canada’s innovation finance markets.


Joy Case
Bret Conkin
John Cooper
Co-Founder and COO Abelian
Jonathan C. Dunsmoor
Senior Of Counsel Dunsmoor Law
Penny Green
Director President and CEO The Yield Growth Corp
Magdalena Gronowska
Senior Managing Partner HiHi! Wallet
Посмотреть ещё (49)
Hussein Hallak
CEO and Co-founder Next Decentrum
Kevin Hobbs
Thomas Kineshanko
Founder and General Partner Protos Asset Management
Chen Liu
Co-founder & CFO Coinchain Capital Inc.
Vivian McCormick
Alexandra Moxin
Founder and CEO Advance Tech Podcast
Mike Nabavi
Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor JUDGE
Nhat Nguyen
CEO and Co-Founder Organify
Anna Niemira
Managing Director BGX Capital Corp.
Philipp Postrehovsky
SVP Marketing Progressa
Adam Rice
Kevin Sandhu
Chris Sanford
Co-Founder and CTO Responsive
Denis Silva
Mike Stephens
Partner Fasken
Bob Summerwill
Co-founder and CTO Varro Technologies
Tingxi Tan
Co-founder and CPO Kambria


$866 000

David Tsui
Trade Commissioner (ICT) Global Affairs
Brittany Whitmore
Founder, CEO and Principal Publicist Exvera Communications
Alan Wunsche
CEO & Chief Token Officer Tokenfunder
Dustin Zinger
VP of Investor Relations Neptune Dash Technologies
Mathieu Glaude
Craig Asano
CEO at NCFA Canada, Online Ecosystems & Financing Marketplaces | Fintech, P2P, AltFi, ICOs
Lisa Cheng
Toufi Saliba
CEO PrivacyShell & TodaCorp, Chair ACM PB CC, Co-authored decentralized Blockchain protocol
Paul Schulte
Schulte Research Founder and Managing Editor
Zach Smith
Funded Today CEO and Co-founder
Fay Arjomandi
mimik Founder
Ray Sharma
Extreme Venture Partners Founding Partner and CEO
Bernd Petak
Northmark Ventures Partner
Brady Fletcher
TSX Venture Exchange at TMX Group Managing Director & Head of TSX Venture Exchange
Christina Camacho
Ivy Lender Founder and CEO
Michael Moll
Reitium CPO & Co-Founder
Nadeem Mazen
Jodi Johnson
JJ Human Capital Consulting Principal
Sean Merat
Owl Technologies Inc. Co-founder / CEO
Rojin Nair
Celero General Manager Fintech Solutions
Mark Wang
BC Securities Commission Director, Capital Markets Regulation
Daryl Hatton
Fundrazr Founder/CEO
Jan Christopher Arp
Holt Fintech AI Accelerator Founder and Managing Partner
Amar Ahluwalia
OnDeck VP, Partnerships & Capital Markets
Thomas Alvord
Coined Founder and CEO
Victoria Bennett
Bennett Milner Williams Consulting Strategic Marketing Principal
Joon Bhang
Korbit Inc. Executive Vice President
Bryan Buggey
Vancouver Economic Commission Director
Alixe Cormick
Venture Law Corporation President
Jasper Dikmans
FrontFundr Manager Business Development, Western Canada
Robin Ford
Ford Consulting Principal

Повестка дня

Day 1: Registration and Networking (LIMITED TICKETS)

VF2018 Welcome: Fintech, Blockchain, Alt Investing CONFIDENTIAL
Join speakers, founders, investors, decision-makers and key stakeholders for an afternoon of expert and peer knowledge sharing, meeting exchange and leadership content in an interactive format.
Discuss, Share, Connect, Grow
Format: round tables, presentations, speed dating, open forum/
Chatham house rules in effect

SPEED PITCH & MEETING EXCHANGE: Investors, Entrepreneurs, Ecosystem and Resources
Kicking things off with 2 minute pitches to help companies get the word out about new start-ups, product launches, announcements etc.
Followed by speed dating meeting exchange (first time trying, should be fun!)

KNOWLEDGE SHARING: Amazon , Alibaba , Walmart, Tencent in India: Turning Payments into Lifestyle Companies
Paul Schulte

CO-CREATION: Envisioning the Digital Bank of 2023
Rojin Nair

KNOWLEDGE SHARING: Blockchain 2018 Year in Review, Crystall Ball and AMA
Alan Wunsche

PAIN POINTS: Executive Round tables and Mentoring

KNOWLEDGE SHARING: Raising Capital and M/A vs Mayonaisse & AMA
Ray Sharma

========== BIO & NETWORKING BREAK ==========

INTERNATIONAL GROWTH: Export Opportunities for Scale-up Ventures
David Tsui

REGULATION CONFIDENTIAL: Share Your Stories & Help Build the New Economy
Robin Ford
Chatham House Rule https://www.chathamhouse.org/chatham-house-rule
3 topics/3 roundtables. Each table will have 12 minutes to discuss their topic, then 2 minutes to report no more than 3 outcome(s) to the room. So choose your table, then choose your reporter, and stay focused on getting to outcomes! NCFA will send your key messages to the appropriate recipients.
TABLE 1 - KEY MESSAGES AND APPROACH: What messages would you like NCFA to send/represent to key regulatory stakeholders. NCFA has made several presentations but advancements have been slow. How can we strengthen our message and have a greater impact or ideas to implement a different approach?
TABLE 2 - SELF-REGULATION?: In the absence of supportive regulation and adequate government policies for fintech and financing innovation in Canada, compared to other jurisdictions, there have been increasing calls for self-regulation to enhance the competitiveness of these businesses in Canada and their credibility overseas. Eg, reporting standards to enhance transparency, accountability, and consumer/investor understanding; code of ethics/conduct to enhance fair treatment of customers/investors and enhance trust; operational standards for effective governance, systems and controls, risk management to help businesses prepare for scale-up and to smooth the way for discussions with regulators in Canada and overseas.
Is some self-regulation needed? If so, what are the priorities and how do we pay for them?
TABLE 3 - COLLABORATION: Regulation in Canada can be stifling and costly. How can firms collaborate to make compliance easier?
RegTech? Outsourcing? Training? Telling our stories - story wall?

SCALING CULTURE: Through Accountability & Performance
Jodi Johnson

VF2018: CONVERGE VIP Networking (Sponsored by Vanbex Group)
Here's a great opportunity to network with speakers, organizers, industry leaders and investors who are the movers and shakers in the blockchain and innovation finance industry the evening prior to the 4th annual VanFUNDING 2018 CONVERGE conference!

Day 2: REGISTRATION, Breakfast, Networking and Exhibitors
Head over to the registration table to check in and pick up your name badge (if you received your badge on the day prior, please show it to registration).
Check your coat and head over to the Fairview ballroom to get some breakfast.
Start to network and get orientated with the agenda.
Please be seated in the Kitsilano Ballroom ahead of schedule for the full day conference program!

NCFA CANADA 4th Annual VF2018 CONVERGE MC Welcome and Opening Remarks
Craig Asano • Brittany Whitmore

VEC Technology and Economic Development in BC
Bryan Buggey

TODA NETWORK Opening Keynote: 5 Technical Necessities to Achieving Massive Blockchain Adoption
Toufi Saliba

Keynote: SCHULTE RESEARCH: Fintech & Blockchain Developments in Asia: All Roads Lead to Banking
Paul Schulte

FUNDED TODAY Show Me The Money! How We Crowdfunded $220M+ in 4 Years (Art or Science)
Zach Smith

CELERO Digital Transformation of the Financial Services Industry
Rojin Nair

NORTHMARK VENTURES Why Tokenize Your Real World Assets?
Bernd Petak

BCSC: Updates and Perspectives on Emerging Fintech Regulation
Mark Wang

Morning NETWORKING BREAK (15mins)

PANEL: PIONEERING MARKETS: Game Changing Tech Innovations Impacting Finance and Society
Michael Moll • Monique Morden • Kevin Sandhu • Chris Sanford
Leading tech innovations changing the game for finance and society
- Scaling to new markets/geographies
- Innovation framework and partnerships
- Challenges of implementing technologies
- Transforming markets vs incumbent resistance

NORTHERN BLOCK Blockchain for Good: Starting with the Why
Mathieu Glaude

VANBEX GROUP: The REAL Security Token (STO) Standard
Lisa Cheng


INVESTMENT PERSPECTIVES: Hot Sector Developments, Innovations and Opportunities
Keith Dolo • Thomas Kineshanko • Praveen K. Varshney, FCPA, FCA
LIVE PITCHING 1: CAPICHE, SYMEND and HEYBRYAN (3 companies will pitch to a panel of judges and investor crowd for a chance to win prizes and profile on their journey to raising capital and future success
Capiche • HeyBryan • Symend
THE NEW OIL: Transforming Consumer Experiences with Data and Artificial Intelligence
Alexandra Moxin • Amar Ahluwalia • Sandy Mangat • Sean Merat • Adam Rice

ANATOMY OF A DEAL: How to Raise Equity Capital $ From Angels and the Crowd
Victoria Bennett • Jasper Dikmans • Daryl Hatton
Very Good Butchers • Squamish Canyon • Drive Hockey (3 companies will pitch to a panel of judges and investor crowd for a chance to win prizes and profile on their journey to raising capital and future success http://vanfunding.com/pitching-companies/)
UNLOCKING GLOBAL GROWTH: Cybersecurity, Digital Identity, Trust and Transparency
Magdalena Gronowska • Manie Eagar • Nhat Nguyen • Tingxi Tan

THE UNWRITTEN RULES of Raising Capital - Closing the SME & Consumer Funding Gap
Jan Christopher Arp • Christina Camacho • Vivian McCormick • Philipp Postrehovsky • Mike Walkinshaw
Veme • Moca Estimator • ZenGOT Services Inc. • Flux Network (3+ companies will pitch to a panel of judges and investor crowd for a chance to win prizes and profile on their journey to raising capital and future success http://vanfunding.com/pitching-companies/)
FUTURE OF INVESTING: Digital Securities, Decentralized Mining and Exchanges
Thomas Alvord • Joon Bhang • John Cooper

Afternoon BIO BREAK (15mins)

REGULATORY PERSPECTIVES: Emerging Regulation and How to Stay Out of Trouble with CSA, SEC
Alixe Cormick • Jonathan C. Dunsmoor, Esq. • Mike Stephens
Launching an ICO, STO or HYBRID? Best Practices for Planning and Marketing Your Sale
Kevin Hobbs • Chen Liu • Denis Silva • Michelle Tsing • Dustin Zinger

COMMUNITY OPEN MIC: Announcements and Pitches

Closing Keynote by TMX GROUP: The Convergence of Tokenized Offerings and Global Equity Capital Markets
Brady Fletcher

VF2018 Closing Remarks

VF2018: CONVERGE Closing Cocktail Reception (Sponsored by Judi.ai)

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29 нояб. 2018 г., 13:30 , PST (UTC -8)
30 нояб. 2018 г., 17:10 , PST (UTC -8)
$ 100–300