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DragonSB is the first Metaverse MMORPG game built on the Terra Protocol. The game is based on a wildly popular platform: the Binance Smart Chain. With DragonSB, players
control warrior dragons. In the game, players engage in thrilling battles and discover an entirely new environment - the world of dragons!
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О проекте DragonSB

DragonSB is the first metaverse MMORPG built on Terra Protocol and Binance Smart Chain Platform.

In the DragonSB's metaverse, players can control powerful dragons into battles and roam the beautiful world of DragonSB. In the game, players can use various types of dragons in battles. By playing, players will be rewarded with SB tokens and NFTs. DragonSB's tokens can be traded on open marketplaces (both in-game and out-game) and transferred for trading, staking, and farming, creating passive earning for players.

DragonSB was built with the Unreal Engine. This means that players will enjoy 3D visuals, state-of-the-art interactive effects with high visual quality and smooth motion, all combined with artificial intelligence (AI) to control the actions of the dragon character in the game.
DragonSB connects millions of players from around the globe. It is equipped with a diverse ecosystem and provides the opportunity to play for money.

DragonSB will build the foundation of gamefi and metaverse on the Terra Protocol Platform, thus create a developement revolution on the chain itself. 



Players can bet and use their dragons in battles against each other in many different PvP game modes from 1v1 to 3v3 battles.


Players can use various types of dragons in battles and complete the quests in story mode. By playing, players will be rewarded with SB tokens and NFTs.

Regular Missions

Players will receive daily quests each day. 1 Weekly quest and many more World Missions, completing a commission rewards $SB tokens, resources and exp.

NFT Marketplace

Players DragonSB's NFTs can be transferred from in-game to out-game world traded on open marketplaces


Players can buy various resources at the in-game shop. These resources can also be traded in the marketplace as NFT.


The game is FREE-TO-PLAY, and players can PLAY-TO-EARN. You don't need to spend money to start your journey in DragonSB and everyone can receive a free dragon at the start of the game.

Техническая информация

DragonSB is built with Epic Games Unreal Engine 4.26. DragonSB's development team chose UE4 to create the game because of the in-game experiences that this engine provides. This engine utilizes a balance between C++ and Blueprints. Smooth, fluid, seamless running with no stuttering, brilliant visual effects, and environmentally resource-friendly consumption are all part of the experience with UE4. 

DragonSB Roadmap

  • Q2-Q4 2021

  • Concept development

    Game concept
    Gameplot building
    Character design
    Story building
  • Q1 2022

  • Beta Game Testing

    NFT Marketplace
    World Boss
    Resource System
    Staking, Farming
  • Q2 2022

  • Release game version 1.0

    Update Map
    More Dragon
  • Q3 2022

  • Mobile Version

    Android and iOS
    VR support


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Founder & Chairman
Thu Ha Vu
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Quoc Tuan Nguyen
European Market Developing Manager
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