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Dogira is a cryptocurrency token focused on creating gaming ecosystems, software development kits for integration onto the blockchain and utility based NFTs
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О проекте Dogira

DOGIRA aims to bring blockchain gaming and asset-rewarding NFTs to the mainstream public. Led by industry veterans, the Dogira Team is at the forefront of the technical innovations blockchain 2.0+ will deliver. Those who sell Dogira, pay the community. A 2% fee is placed on all sales of DOGIRA which is redistributed to all holders of DOGIRA and the Dogira Token pool. This along with Smart contract voting allows the community to vote on redistributing or burning the Dogira Pool tokens to regulate supply and demand curves.

These features are just the start of what the project plans to deliver. Lead by an engineering team rooted in blockchain, gaming, and cloud service development, DOGIRA has everything in place to bring several NFT and gaming protocols to the masses.

Dogira Roadmap

  • Q1

  • Token Launched
    The Dogira Contract has been launched on Mainnet.

    Community Resources
    Dogira’s official Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit hubs have been launched.

    Hire OG Doge Dev
    Eoghan Hayes joins the Dogira Team as Project Lead, having developed on the original Dogecoin codebase alongside the Digibyte Team in 2013/2014.

    Initial DEX/CEX Applications
    Dogira’s first applications to Centralised Exchanges supporting fiat purchases/sales, alongside Cryptocurrency Indices have been submitted.
  • Q2

  • DEX/CEX Listings
    Dogira has been listed on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, WhiteBit, and HotBit – with more in the works!

    New Website & Utilities
    Dogira’s new Website has been launched, with additional utilities such as Staking and quick Marketcap Lookup still to come!

    Investment NFT Rollout
    Two rounds of investment NFTs have now been launched, successfully raising $35k+, and $50k+ to date; paving the way to formalisation within Dogira’s ecosystem in pool and staking operations.

    Marketing Ramp-up
    With our active wallet count quadrupling since our initial ramp-up, Dogira continues to engage in active marketing campaigns to attract new holders and investors.

    Animal Charity Campaign
    Joined by our partners Bingus and Vira-Lata Finance, The Dogira Team aims to raise over $100,000 USD for our animal friends!
  • Q3

  • Blockchain Gaming Rollout
    Dogira’s Gaming Services are targeted for a Q3 Rollout, with in-house demos, and releases scheduled for launch. Bring your tokens and NFTs directly into virtual worlds, and leverage the power of the Blockchain in your next experience!

    NFT Mining Pool / Staking
    Lock up your Dogira long-term to earn NFT’s and Off-Chain/Launchpad tokens; or enter our zero-commitment Lottery mining pools!

    Contract V2
    Improved Tokenomics, and staking/service-ready functionality awaits in Dogira’s V2 Cantact!

    Token / NFT Launchpad
    Work directly with the Dogira Team to launch your token or NFT collection – and we’ll help you with setup/deployment, service integration, security auditing, and getting your first holders!

    Tier One CEX Listing
    Bringing Dogira to the masses.
  • Q4

  • Gaming Services Expansion
    Coupled with outreach across the market to show developers and studios what Blockchain-powered enhancements can do for their gaming experiences, The Dogira Team will continue to act as a first-party studio for driving the Blockchain Gaming Revolution.

    NFT Ecosystem Expansion
    All roads lead to a strong NFT and Token Ecosystem; with Q4 placing an emphasis towards continued expansion and improvements on new and existing NFT assets, Gaming Services, and Staking Pool functionalities.


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Daniel Gooding
Skyler Ramsey

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