Ventureon creates its own unique niche, beyond competition with other crypto-currencies. First and foremost, it is an investment tool that includes both the convenience and protection of the investor, as well as all the necessary tools for starting an investment project and its entry into the world of big business.

О проекте Ventureon

Guaranteed Ventureon bandwidth is more than 32 thousand transactions per second. The transaction confirmation takes less than 3 seconds. Atomic swaps are direct trans-currency peer-to-peer transactions of cryptocurrencies between third-party blockchains, which will make exchanges and large storage facilities an obsolete solution.The coin, issued in turnover on the of Blockchain Venture basis.In the future, the management is completely transferred to the automatic control of the smart contract system. The support of the rate and VNN capitalization will be provided by the Ventureon community and projects based on its platform. The supreme governing body is the Council of Arbitrators.  


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