We’re changing the conventional transaction systems by building a coalition of blockchain-based products and service providers.

О проекте TraXion

In many cases, adopting a new cryptocurrency is the biggest problem facing blockchain companies. There’s no shortage of blockchain companies popping-up nearly everyday promising to change the world through their platform and token, and we wonder if the world is truly ready to go cashless. Even with the best of intentions, unfortunately, many of these blockchain companies will fail. The reason? Lack of infrastructure. One word – TXN. Transaction Xoalition Network. We believe that even the sleekest and fastest cars are useless pieces of junk if there are no roadworks. Even the latest and best mobile phones are useless if there are no mobile networks. We won’t just sell you the vehicle, we’re also building the infrastructure. TraXion’s TXN token will enjoy widespread adoption because we are building a strong coalition of companies, products and services that people in the bottom of the pyramid trust. We’re addressing the readiness of businesses to go into blockchain. The key to successful integration is interoperability. We can help businesses cast a wider net resulting in more customers and better business.



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