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We’ve created a user-friendly and affordable Blockchain service for everyone to trace and record cases of illegal use of logos, trademarks or any other intellectual property and to take immediate action to redress the infraction!

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StopTheFakes is a Blockchain-based decentralized service aiming to detect counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights, created on the Ethereum smart contract platform. Blockchain technology has been implemented by using the open source license. The project has its own token, which is the only method of payment within its framework. Our basic idea is to build a completely transparent and reliable system that could transfer data from users to right holders. We assume responsibility for providing the necessary infrastructure and bringing together those who want to learn about any infringement of their rights and those who can provide this information due to their geographic location or other factors. We assume responsibility for ensuring that customers remunerate providers and retain part of the remuneration as a commission fee. Tokens issued by us will be the only means of payment that customers will purchase for remuneration purposes. Their quantity is limited, and Blockchain technology principles guarantee protection against forgery. Ethereum’s smart contracts ensure the fulfillment of the commitments undertaken. The operating principles and technical specificities of the system, the total quantity of tokens, timelines for their issuance and conditions for their acquisition are described below.


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