Embleema was founded with the vision that decentralized networks could restore trust in the Internet. This, in turn, would allow patients to feel safe about their most critical data.

О проекте Embleema

Embleema Health Blockchain Version 2 also allows other owners of the patient’s health records, to securely share his/her data to data buyers and receive potential compensation for it, at the condition the patient has provided explicit consent to do so beforehand. With this ability to consolidate all patient data types such as EMRs, PGHD, genomics, biomarkers, lab results data, connected medical devices generated data from all data owners, Embleema Health Blockchain Version 2 provides comprehensive, continuous, individual-patient level data, setting the standard for the next-generation of high-resolution Real-World Evidence for a safer, more effective and more personalized medicine: patients can share their comprehensive medical record with their physicians and help them make better treatment decisions, patients having exhausted existing treatment options can expose their data to identify clinical trials they can enroll in, patients can also directly feed their reported outcomes as valuable input to measure efficacy, health authorities and pharmaceutical companies are able to continuously monitor in real-time and at individual-patient level the safety and efficacy of drugs, health providers can continuously measure patient outcomes and improve their practice.



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Robert Chu
Alexis Normand
Head of Blockchain Consortium
Nicolas Schmidt
Chief Product Officer
Prashant Khambekar,...
Chief Blockchain Development Executive
Pradeep Sreekanthan
Chief Delivery Officer
Pascal Becache
Business Development Executive
Adel Al-Saleh
Bernard Gilly, PhD
Vahan Simonyan, PhD
Pr. John Halamka, MD
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