Blockchain Education Network

Blockchain Education Network

BEN provides a community where students can collaborate and share their ideas, fostering a learning environment and to collaboratively further their understanding of the space.

О проекте Blockchain Education Network

The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) is on a mission to educate and empower students excited about blockchain technology across the world. BEN is made up of students and alumni who are creating bitcoin and blockchain clubs on their academic campuses. By exploring this socioeconomic experiment within the safety of their peers, students build new expectations and innovations. In aggregate, the combined effort of all these clubs creates a rich web of interconnected blockchain hubs across the world. Impact global evolution through local initiatives.


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Erick Pinos
Executive Director
Melissa Ruiz-Vera
Executive Vice President
Jesse Xiong
VP of Community
Sathya Peri
National Director of BEN India
Lorenzo Giustozzi
National Director of BEN Italy
Jorge Perez
National Director of BEN Colombia
Jeremy Gardner
Co-founder & Managing Partner at Ausum Ventures
Dean Masley
Co-founder at NestEgg
Jinglan Wang
Hooligan at Handshake
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