Clash Of DragonZ

Clash Of DragonZ

Created using Figma
7.777 Unique Hand-Drawn generative Dragons 🐉🔥 with 600+ different elements, the Largest Collection in the World🌎
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О проекте Clash Of DragonZ

7777 unique hand-drawn NFTs generated with 600+ different elements on the Ethereum blockchain.

Clash Of DragonZ Roadmap

  • Release the DragonZ

  • 7777 DragonZ wake up from their slumber and each Dragonz family seek to take the power over the others.

    Each family has their own strengths & weaknesses.

    Try to catch one and become a DragonZ Master
  • Token Creation

  • The Clash of Dragonz token is developped and will be launched on 02/02.

    It will be used for the play to earn game (P2E).

    Each NFT holder will receive free tokens (amount will be announced on the discord).

    This token will be tradable.
  • Females & Baby DragonZ

  • Release of a second NFT collection of 15.554 FEMALE DragonZ.

    When collection releases, each DragonZ owner will be airdropped a free NFT female DragonZ, meaning that half of the female collection will be already owned by DragonZ owners.

    The other half will be on sale to new joiners.

    Male will be then precious, and their price will increase.

    Holding a male and a female for 77 days will allow you to have one Baby DragonZ.

    Each NFT (male-female-baby) will have its own utility in the play-to-earn game.
  • NFT Game

  • Each NFT holder will receive a free character linked to his NFT.

    Other people will have to buy one.

    The NFT's rarity and the family (fire, ice, earth, air, meta) will define specific powers, strengths and weaknesses of the character.

    DragonZ will battle for Supremacy in the Clash of DragonZ Arena.

    PvE & PvP modes along with an accessories marketplace will be available to balance the game economy.

    Players can monetize their gaming experiences through battle rewards using the game tokens.
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  • The Metaverse

  • To offer the best gaming experience, after the public sale the NFT owners will be able to vote in which metaverse they would like to relocate the play-to-earn game (Sandbox, Decentraland, ...).

    With the royalties and the NFT sale benefits we will set up the Clash of Dragonz arena in one of those Metaverse.
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