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We believe the largest obstacle to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is price volatility. Cryptocurrencies, unlike fiat currencies, do not have a central bank to implement monetary policy focused on stabilizing purchasing power. Thus, changes in demand induce massive price fluctuations. The decentralized model to price discovery has made the majority of existing cryptocurrencies nothing more than stocks or commodities, valued on psychology, traded on unregulated stock markets, and susceptible to manipulation. The lack of price stability has prevented credit and debt markets from forming because volatility incurs a premium. While the rest of the industry focuses on transaction throughput and smart contracts, we focus on solving price stability to realize the economic capabilities that the blockchain enables.

The Problem

Fiat currencies naturally decrease in purchasing power as the supply increases. This depreciation is substantially more prevalent in debt-based and fractional reserve fiat currencies. Additionally, these fiat currencies dramatically magnify economic volatility. The ramifications of the inflationary model are credit booms, recessions, large-scale price bubbles, and economic collapses. Cryptocurrency hasn’t improved this model either; instead, we see volatility and uncertainty magnified.

Our Solution

A new economic model designed to mitigate the instability and unpredictability of value through the establishment of a currency network with two pillar currencies. The first, a zero-sum currency used as an instrument for transaction; the other, a deflationary currency that predictably increases purchasing power per unit.

How It Works

Centric Rise (CNR) is a sustainable, deflationary cryptocurrency that provides value over time. As transactions take place, a percentage of the circulating supply is burnt, increasing the scarcity, and incentivizing economic growth. Unlike volatile instruments of value, the value of Centric Rise is predetermined and written to the blockchain, resulting in a predictable increase in purchasing power.

Centric Rise enhances the network in the following ways;

- Sustainable and prosperous store of value.
- Word of mouth network effect.
- Stabilization and collateralization of Centric Cash.
- The token price is predictable 365 days in advance.

Centric Cash (CNS) is a transactional instrument and the exclusive on/off-ramp to the Centric Rise token. Centric Cash is valued at $1.00 of Centric Rise on all Centric properties. This token will list on exchanges as a free market token. Then, the token will draw attention from arbitrage traders, who will further stabilize the value of the token through the increase of transaction volume.

Centric Cash enhances the network in the following ways;

- Transactional compatibility with the existing financial ecosystem and cryptocurrency exchanges.
- Instant access to liquidity.
- A means of transacting in and out of the Centric network, stabilized by arbitrage opportunities presented by the $1 value of Centric Rise.
- A zero-sum currency created and destroyed by demand.
- A network effect of user and volume growth through exchange partners.
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О проекте Centric

Centric is the world's first dual-cryptocurrency payment network. Its innovative and unique concept is engineered to achieve breakthrough as a reliable form of payment.

The first token, Centric Rise, is the network's transactional currency - it steadily increases in price hourly in accordance with immutable price blocks set publicly one year in advance. The second token, Centric Cash, is pegged to the first and will freely trade on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

The exchange between the two tokens is governed by a decentralized protocol that self-regulates token supply to meet ongoing changes in demand.

In combination, the two token relationship solves key problems experienced by first generation cryptocurrency projects. On one hand it offers a reliable store of value; on the other, it provides upside incentive to join the network required for mass-adoption.

Centric Roadmap

  • January 2018

  • An idea conceived to solve late-stage adoption and scaling problems present in first-generation blockchain projects
  • May 2018

  • A centralized version of the rise only idea launched
  • September 2018

  • A modified exchange is launched to allow members the ability to trade between each other
  • January 2019

  • Test marketing campaigns start
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  • June 2019

  • Test marketing campaigns stopped - 23% conversion achieved
  • August 2019

  • i-gaming partner Moolah.bet launches first utility using the Rise token to create a sustainably business model
  • February 2020

  • Decentralized Dual token Protocol launched officially performs Hard Fork of UPDC token


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