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CareParrot - это закрытый протокол здравоохранения, который маркирует взаимодействие между пользовательскими данными и приложениями, созданными в сети CareParrot. Наша цель - создать универсальную экосистему управления здравоохранением, чтобы врачи, пациенты и сторонние приложения взаимодействовали на одноранговом уровне и более эффективно сотрудничали.
23 июл. 2018 г.
31 окт. 2018 г.
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О проекте CareParrot

Since the rise in popularity of blockchain technology in 2008 (specifically Bitcoin) many organizations have succeeded in developing other functions to perform multiple, extremely crucial roles in various industries. One of its most important purposes is to serve as a global database for an entire industry in which people can use to store shared common data that all parties can access at any given time, with the right permissions. It can access essentially a global system of records for an entire industry built on top of a foundation that has inherent data integrity based on strong cryptography. Blockchain enhances trust across a business network. It's not that people can't trust those who they conduct business with; it's that trust is not needed when operating on a blockchain network. In this whitepaper, we will breakdown the three (3) central challenges in healthcare and how blockchain technology will empower doctors and patients to engage and interact with one another in a secured, digital environment that is costefficient and based on P2P (peer-to-peer) business model. Businesses can save millions per year by not having to rely on agencies and intermediaries to ensure that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. Because it works as a global computer, it automates a lot of the logic associated with our data in ways that we were never able to do before and that alone is extremely valuable in this day and age. What this means is that where we would have normally use trusted intermediaries to marshal data back and forth, we can now use the blockchain to remove the middlemen because the main protocol is to produce an immutable, distributed database that can only produce a single version of the truth without fail. One of the leading causes of death globally is the increasing number of medical errors and diagnostic blunders. To cite an example, the United States spent one-sixth of the country’s gross domestic product or equivalent to $19.5 billion on this subject alone and it continues to grow much faster than the whole economy, threatening the economic future of the businesses and individuals who are called upon to bear the cost. The CareParrot Core Miner App will be the main tool of the entire community and will serve multiple vital functions. One of its main purpose is to allow users to mine CPX tokens without the need for costly mining rigs, instead is done by enabling the Core Miner App to act as a node and securely log all your interactions with CareParrot's products, services and 3rd party applications. If there are apps that tracks and monitors your health, there should be an app that tracks your participation in health driven communities and be rewarded for it. CareParrot is continuously developing universal solutions that will mitigate the lingering pain points of doctors and patients when giving and receiving care. We will lay out how CareParrot’s community minted utility token(CPX) can vastly improve the entire peer-to-peer health experience by eliminating costly and time consuming claims processing, human billing errors and crossing international gaps between patients and doctors from around the world, while complying with various regulations. We are developing a digital ‘Doctors-without-borders’ platform that will remove the roadblocks and bureaucracy that significantly skyrockets the general costs of care. One of the main utility of CPX is to process payments between patients and doctors fast and easy. Users can pay for medical services rendered by physicians using CPX through our Universal Lobby and gain cashback points that can earn them more CPX down the line.  CareParrot currently has a variety of web apps that are currently on beta and will be connected to the Core Miner after the presale. This unique method of mining tokens will give every participant equal opportunity to be rewarded. CPX tokens will be available as an add-on purchase similar to how pre-loading call credits on Viber or game credits on Steem works. Doctors on the other hand, can save thousands per year when using the Universal Lobby as it eliminates the need for costly intermediaries to perform administrative and accounting functions for their practice.

CareParrot Roadmap

  • July 2018

  • Partnership with Doctors established.
    White paper Published.
  • August 2018

  • Increased Awareness and Public Relations Campaign.
    Private sale.
  • October 2018

  • MVP version of Core Miner with DDAS released.
    Crowd Sale, Network Launch.
  • January - 2016

  • iMine360 EHR, Care Triage and Universal Lobby Released.
    Marketplace for 3rd Party dapps to be released.

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Joseph Lowe
Founder | Certified Crypto Expert
Jay Lee
Business Designer | UX Lead
Amit Biyani
CEO and Chief Architect; Founder at Smart Axiom
Gunjan Karun
Lead Blockchain and Smart Contract Developer
Jonathan Braniff
Business Development and Global Strategy
Trent Poltronetti
Marketing & Sales Executive
Imran Qureshi
Blockchain and Mobile Developer
Pawan Pawar
Full-Stack Developer


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Alexandr Chevtaev
Randy Venturina


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Destiny Aigbe
Legal Advisor
Dr. Jon Gruda Phd
Organization Behavior Advisor
Antonio Camagong Jr

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Nikolay Shkilev
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Team at the project very strong and experienced, I am ready to deliver 5, but it is necessary that you underwent KYC verification. Therefore so far I put 4 and I wait for verification passing. After that I'm ready to replace on 5.

The idea of this project very necessary and I in every possible way wish to realize it especially as MVP is. Add only article on the Medium and to Bitcoinwiki both then I and here I will deliver you 5.

I wish you good luck, very necessary project for mankind.

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