Carbon Seed Protocol

Carbon Seed Protocol

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Carbon Seed is a Layer-2 Cross-Chain Carbon-Neutral Solution for Developing and Scaling DApps.
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О проекте Carbon Seed Protocol

Carbon Seed is a fully decentralized cross-chain and carbon-neutral platform, built from the ground up to be performant, secure, and scalable. The protocol runs on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, allowing developers to deploy highly-scalable games and user-facing dApps that interact with major blockchains. Developers can deploy their dApp once to the platform and gain access to a larger user base across multiple networks.

Carbon Seed empowers millions to invent and explore new experiences through simple, secure, and scalable technology. Businesses, creators, and communities are being reimagined for a more sustainable and inclusive future.


.01 Carbon Seed Dashboard

Carbon Dashboard is a decentralized application platform designed to develop dApps that connect across multiple chains in an efficient and eco-friendly way. The network runs on Binance Smart Chain with its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which aims to provide dynamic scalability and low fees within our platform.

.02 Scalability Solutions

Carbon Seed provides a set of intuitive developer tools for an engaged, decentralized community. With high speeds, low fees, and progressive UX design, Carbon Seed’s carbon-neutral platform is ready for explosive growth and mass adoption for both dApps developers and users.

.03 Multi-Chain Sustainability

Carbon Seed will function as a bridge between Ethereum, Polygon, EOS, Cosmos, and TRON networks, allowing for the free flow of assets and communication between various blockchain networks for the betterment of everyone.

About Carbon Seed

What is Carbon Seed?

Carbon Seed is a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPos) protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain, to be performant, secure, and scalable. A user-friendly & carbon-neutral development protocol that acts as an interconnected multi-chain platform, bridging between the Ethereum, Polygon, EOS, Cosmos, and TRON networks. This enables developers to combine assets and distribute them across multiple chains seamlessly.

Why Choosing Carbon Seed?

CARBON SEED has been developed with a focus on performance and usability, both for developers and users. Carbon Seed aims to incentivize a network of computers to operate a platform for developers to create and launch decentralized applications. CARBON token is used to secure the Carbon Seed Protocol, and is further used as the currency that dApp developers use to host their dApps.   Any CARBON holder can delegate their tokens on the Carbon Seed Protocol to help support validators and actively participate in securing the network.

The CARBON token is a proof-of-stake token that is used to secure the CARBON platform. CARBON token holders can use their tokens to help secure the protocol, while also earning rewards, and contribute to reducing carbon emissions around the world. Developers can also use the token to pay for DApps hosting on the CARBON Network. Developers pay a flat monthly fee to host their DApps on CARBON and avoid unnecessary trading fees.   Most importantly, Carbon Seed constantly invests in eco-friendly projects such as planting trees or other sustainability initiatives, as a result, all CARBON token holders are directly participating in reducing our global carbon footprint.

Carbon Seed Protocol Roadmap

  • Q3 2022

  • Website creation
    Social Media creation
    Smart Contract Deployment
    Major Exchange Listings
  • Q4 2022

  • Mobile application development
    Mainnet Testing (Restricted)
    Bridge Planning
    Smart contract audit
  • Q1 2023

  • Marketing Campaign Launch
    Key influencers onboard
    Public Mainnet Launch
  • Q2 2023

  • Carbon Bridge
    Carbon Dashboard Launch
    Additional Major Exchange Listings


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