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e Future of Banking
We are a one-stop solution that combines the power of decentralizied and centralized technology in a simple and secure Mobile & Web application
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Платформа, Банковское дело

О проекте BlockBank


The custodial wallet will serve many different purposes such as staking, storing assets, trading through API’s into CEX, insuring assets, borrowing, fiat on/off ramp (off chain/on chain) along with KYC/AML


The non-cusodial wallet will provide a Web 3 browser, multi asset chain support (ERC, BSC, HECO, etc) allowing users to easily transfer funds using cross-chain vswaps & fiat on/off ramp


By employing state-of-the-art technology this provides our users a Neobanking experience enabling the creation of active bank accounts, credit/debit cards & customer support


Imagine your personal financial adviser that learns your habits & advising accordingly. Evolving from an informational resource moving to complete autonomous trading and farming.

Apply for blockbank card
  • Spend your crypto & fiat worldwide
  • Cashback Incentives
  • Borrow & lend
  • Free virtual cards
  • Payments in local currencies
  • No monthly/annual fees, no FX fees
    Earn Interest by Staking

Put your ideal digital assets to work with blockbank. Start earning interest through staking - up to 30% yearly APY.

  • Up to 30% Total annual interest
  • Stake multiple coins
  • Stake BBANK up to 20% APY
  • Stake Stablecoins up to 10% APY
  • Stake using multiple protocols in app
Borrow a variety of Stablecoins

Borrow as much or as little you want from the most flexible credit lines in the world. Credit line instantly available.

  • Competitive annual interest
  • Auto approval - no credit checks
  • No monthly repayments
  • No processing fees
  • Available from as low as $50 to $2M
    Manage your Porfolio

Total Networth on one page. Get instant insights into how your assets are performing and know your net worth.

  • Total Fiat value
  • Total Crypto Value
  • Lending value added
  • Borrowing value added
  • Staking value added
Stake your $BBANK tokens to earn 24% APY Stake now
  • Locking period of 30 days
  • No fees to unstake
  • Competitve APY
  Bridging CeFi & DeFi for BlockBank users Staking Rewards Tiers Tier 11 +BBANK in Wallet
  • 2% APY on Staked Tokens
  • 2% APY on BBANK Tokens
Tier 2500 +BBANK in Wallet
  • 4% APY on Staked Tokens
  • 6% APY on BBANK Tokens
Tier 325,000 +BBANK in Wallet
  • 6% APY on Staked Tokens
  • 9% APY on BBANK Tokens
Tier 4100,000 +BBANK in Wallet
  • 8% APY on Staked Tokens
  • 12% APY on BBANK Tokens
Tier 5500,000 +BBANK in Wallet
  • 10% APY on Staked Tokens
  • 20% APY on BBANK Tokens
Use $BBANK to boost your APY to 30%

BlockBank is powered by our platform's utility token called BBANK. Users are able to gain access to our credit card rewards program, access our Robo-Advisory, increase their APY % and earn interest on their tokens by staking BBANK in their non-custodial BlockBank wallet.

Staking rewards Robo advisor Exclusive offers 3D party rewards Insurance Banking plans Reduced fees Cash Back Buy on PancakeswapBuy on Uniswap


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