Block Farm

Block Farm

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Welcome to Block Farm Club! we are working hard to deliver a fun and valuable game to our players on time. Join us on this virtual farm and earn tokens per farm, FARM TO EARN
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О проекте Block Farm

Block Farm Club is a decentralized game where anyone can earn tokens and NFTs through farm the game or for leisure.

Based on multiplayer farm web browser games, Block farm club is a game that brings innovation together with the blockchain.
The game is not PAY TO WIN, however you need tokens to start the game, buy on the platform itself, in exchanges or win/trade with friends. With this you will be able to play and receive tokens, energy, creatures, plants and gems within the game. These can be traded on and off the platform.

Creatures, pets, plants and seeds can be managed using energy, water, food, buffs and debuffs in-game. These cannot be exchanged, they are items for use by each personal account.

Gems and tokens can be exchanged for each other within the platform, Tokens for gems, the tokens come out of your wallet and you receive gems, and gems earned in-game from quests, battle, daily and rewards can be exchanged for tokens and withdrawn from platform at any time you want.

Land within the game can be purchased in chests and packs, by converting tokens desired and will remain your property until it is sold or passed on to others or until the game lasts.

The farm system was created so you can play in an easy, intuitive and fun way, needing seeds or plants, water and waiting time to generate prizes in gems, your gameplay and ability to perform tasks in the specified time, will result in more or less prize gems. you can also delete your farm in any situation or as you wish.

Daily quests can be accomplished with the use of energy, you have a daily amount of energy to use and farm others, helping your companions and receiving gems and bonuses for achievement at the end of the mission completion.

Special missions can come for seasons, and at each stage executed the user can earn the most diverse bonuses, not necessarily being necessary to compete. TOP players will have a special session and special prizes from others. The energy used in special missions is also separate from the normal energies of daily missions.

Your farm can only contain single-growing seeds, which can be selected and exchanged for gems in the shop, or special seeds that will grow fighting plants, these can be replanted once a month and given extra gems, but they need a lot of water, and with your own land you accelerate growth. The special plants have attack power, buffs and debuffs and can be used to battle against creeps, players, bosses and competitions. They can also be sold on the market and get to cross a limited number of times, generating new special seeds.

Our idea is to make NTF Games something fun and not just profitable, it can help with income or fun. Start playing Block Farm Club now.


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