Block Ape Scissors

Block Ape Scissors

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Block Ape Scissors uses simple mechanics for farmers to sharpen their tools before heading to the jungle to search for yield. Ape in. Battle. Earn. Leverage
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О проекте Block Ape Scissors

The Block Ape Scissors Token (BAS) Has the following token metrics.


The BAS Token is the primary means to gain entry into battles, tournaments and exchange NFT's.


Apes will be able to farm BAS token in pools and use the native token to farm itself and other rewards through a variety of yield aggregation strategies. 


3% of BAS used as transaction fees will be burned forever. This will decrease the supply of BAS over time.


Each trade transaction (external to the platform) contains a variable tax between 1% & 10% with the ability to split our distribution among 7 different purposes. Such as Holders, Marketing, LP, Buyback, Operations, DAO Treasury, Prize Pools and Bounties. Tax at the moment is set at 5% and we will advise our community prior to changes to switches or amounts for taxation.


Beyond initial game release control of the direction of Block Ape Scissors will be handed over to the community with a treasury to support and foster innovation of the platform. The BAS token will be used as means to vote and submit proposals on how the funds will be utilised for future ventures.

BAS is a P2E (Play To Earn) crypto game that provides use cases for shitcoins!
Enter into a battle royale poker game that integrates Rock Paper Scissors; Win the table's coins and passively earn loot.
A revolutionary way to play, earn and leverage on farms.

Are you sick of being rug-pulled and left with crypto coins that have no value? 
Block Ape Scissors will give them a use case. 
You'll be able to use them to play with in the
BAS game modes, leverage and even earn.
Get value out of any of your coins today!

You can play with tokens that are worth 0 value and be rewarded through MULTIPLE streams of avenue
Shitcoins will give you free entry into games, which would usually be an initial investment with BAS tokens to begin your Play to Earn journey

Playing games will passively earn you loot boxes
loot box will reward NFT's that will provide use case integrations

for instance; you could obtain an NFT that boosts your farming returns! there will be quite a few benefits / opportunities to earn through multiple systems..
Not to mention the new game models we are designing around these systems...!
Lootboxes will also award banana currency - for you to buy and sell NFT's and use as entry into free game's.

Ultimately giving you free game entry and a system to earn even more.

- ranked rewards
- Holding rewards 
(integrated with partnered coins)
- Custom winner animations
- NFT cosmetics to customize your own Ape 
- Player Icons
- Ape character model skins and customised features
- Unique interactive consumables


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Dan Fong
Co-Founder Head of Technology
Lachie Grant
Co-Founder Head of Creative
Matthew Hutchins
Founder Head of Innovation

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