Battle Inu

Battle Inu

Created using Figma

Battle Inu is a game that you will build a colony on a entire planet and expand it to the the farthest corner of the Space. Encounter with other colonists and conquer their lands.

Choose your character among General Doge, Lieutenant Shiba, Major General Floki and Brigadier General Akita in exchanges for $BINU. The price is reasonable compared to the other blockchain games. Then first build your base that will be your main fortify in the Galaxy Wars. Take a walk among monsters and Aliens’ dwarf planets. Those Aliens comes from human race but they mutated in the face of the harsh conditions of space and evolved to live. Now they became another species.
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12 февр. 2022 г.
15 февр. 2022 г.
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Цель 75 000.00 USD
Cap 150 000.00 USD
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    0.00000000005 USD
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Rinato Gaming LLC
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Компания основана
Dec 11, 2021
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MVP / Prototype
Binance Smart Chain
да , от Feb 5, 2022 до Feb 12, 2022

О проекте Battle Inu

Play to Earn

New age comes with benefits. Thanks to blockchain technology, players’ efforts in the digital world are rewarded in the real world. You will be rewarded in various events and competitions by navigating through the many game modes. Nft’s are one of the rewards you will earn in the game. With Nft’s, your items will be special for you. Make your character’s look unique. Or you can earn income by trading your Nfts in the marketplace.

$BINU is another prize you will earn in the game. Kill aliens, monsters or opponent by completing quests; plunder the planets. As a result, apart from the materials for your development in the game, you will also earn $BINU in the physical world. How much reward you get depends entirely on your efforts and performance. Customize your character by getting NFT tokens earned. Can be used to trade NFT or stake for users who want to earn more income. Staking will return you both tokens and NFT.


Various Game Modes

When you enter the game, you will face 3 different game modes. When you enter the PvE mode, you will fight against many kinds of aliens and monsters. Explore interesting planets of aliens and monsters, you can add some to your own lands. Take them into your army and assimilate them. This will change the balance in the war.


The basic mode of our game is PvP. In this mode, you can compare your characters with your opponents. In the wars of supremacy and conquest, your army follow you. Fly your fleet over your opponent and lead your army to victory. Clash on planets and in outer space. The light of victory shining on your sword will blind your opponent.

War can’t go on forever, Drop by the Holy Core for a break and a cold drink once in a while. Here you will forget the war and walk arm in arm with your opponents. Who knows, maybe you can find your future ally in between them. You will have friendly duels with them and test your characters. May the best win!

You set out for conquest and knocked out your opponent. One last step remains to complete the conquest: Duel! We have added some rules to our game to make it fair game. During the beta, we can add or revise the rules through the feedback we receive from you. You can find our current rules below:

-Having lost his/her entire army, the defender must answer the call.

-Both players must be online when the call is made.

-If the defender is not online, he/she will have 24 hours to answer the call.

-If both players are not online at the same time for 24 hours and the duel does not take place, at the end of the timer, if the attacker is online, a duel will take place and the artificial intelligence will control the defender’s character. If the attacker is offline, the call will be canceled.

-Winner of the duel steals his/her opponents’ NFTs.

-The Lands that owned by Land Lords can not be taken. Only non-land and NFTs can be taken.

-The player whose character dies as a result of the duel is given 3 options:

I)Die and leave all your NFTs to the opponent,

II)Leave some of your NFTs to the opponent and start over again for free.

III)Start over without losing your NFT collection in exchanges for $BINU.


Alliance wars, clash of the greatest forces of the space. What a glorious battle! You went on a campaign against the rival alliance or your opponents are coming against you, your friends will be by your side in difficult times. After the war, profits are divided equally. Can you win the alliance wars? In addition to the rules in the PvP mode, we have a few rules:

  • If the defending alliance has lost its entire army, they must answer the call.
  • If even one player from the defending side is not online, the defense has 24 hours to gaither the alliance and they respond to the call.
  • If the duel has not taken place after 24 hours, the duel will take place on the condition that at least 1 player from the attacking alliance is online and the character of the offline players is managed by artificial intelligence. If no player from the attacking side is online, the call will be canceled.


Your character is your reputation. You can make unique your character with Nfts. Make your character look like the magnificent hero of your dreams with the items you want. Show off your character’s glory by running into battle foremost of your army. Make your opponent surprised.

You are able earn some $BINU and Nfts in battles. When you kill your opponent’s character, you are able to steal his Nfts unless he made the 3rd choice out of 3 options. These options are like this:

1- Die and lose your everything to opponent.
2- Lose some of your Nfts and start over for free.
3- Start over without losing your Nft collection.

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