Battle Enforcer

Battle Enforcer

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О проекте Battle Enforcer

Welcome to the year of 2222. Where civilization has changed, war against the creatures from above is over. But things that were once created to serve humans are now demanding for a life of their own. Freedom and power are at stake. To rise, you have to enforce a new rule of succession. In the world where legendary battles have been won and lost, One force shall always rise. But would you do whatever it takes for victory?



Enforce your best strategy, bet high, for a high return. Bet low for a steady battle pool. Whatever it is, do whatever it takes.


There’s only a few limited vehicles that can’t be destroyed. But worry not, we’ve got your back all the way through victory. Your vehicle will never be a junk, because we’ll do whatever it takes to return it to its glorious shape.


Level up through your very own taste. Combine your winning vehicle with a killer tank, say no more. You better save your coins for the most savage fusion!


Got a little extra coins? Well, let’s earn some more gems through our privilege airdop, only for winners, for the real Enforcers.

Battle Enforcer Roadmap

  • Q1, 2022

  • - Default vehicle and equipments development

    - Server settings and managements

    - Battle Royale Arena development

    - NFTs vehicle development

    - Seed Sale

    - Prototype

    - Private Sale

    - Airdrop Event

    - Alpha Test
  • Q2, 2022

  • - Alpha Test event

    - Alpha Test deploy on Google Play

    - Alpha Test Feedback form release

    - AI Bot development

    - Seize the territory game mode implementation

    - Skins & equipments development

    - UI UX Development

    - Server Testing
  • Q3, 2022

  • - Updates on community feedbacks

    - Data Management

    - Leaderboard and Achievement features

    - TGE

    - Listing at Pancake Swap

    - Adventure game mode implementation
  • Q4, 2022

  • - Community Events

    - Marketplace Launch

    - E-Competition Events

    - NFT Collector Showcase

    - New Seasonal Quest

    - New CEX Listing

    - Adding New Levels on Adventure Mode

    - New Skins


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