Bank of Hodlers

Bank of Hodlers

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Financial services for your digital assets.
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июнь, 2019
дек., 2019
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О проекте Bank of Hodlers

Bank of Hodlers aims to provide its users with a customer-centric banking solution leveraging blockchain. We intend to treat your cryptocurrencies as a separate asset class and offer services that ensure technologies based on the blockchain are usable as of today.


Secure Wallet

We provide you the ability to keep your money in a safe and secure wallet. We ensure that your private keys are encrypted with your wallet password that can be accessed only by you.

Earn Interest

Our smooth user-experience platform opens up the opportunity for you to earn interest or borrow money at your discretion without having the need to liquidate your crypto holdings.

No Transaction Fees

Presently, we don’t charge any transaction fees. You don’t have to worry about paying any extra fee when transferring money from one party to another, except for the MakerDAO fee.

Bank of Hodlers Roadmap

  • Q3 2018

  • Assemble the core team
    Competitor benchmarking and brand positioning
  • Q4 2018

  • Released the website
  • Q1 2019

  • Released the White Paper v1
    Launched the beta version of Crypto-backed loans
  • Q2 2019

  • Get FIAT support for EUR, GBP
    Support top 5 cryptocurrencies on the platform
  • Прочитайте больше
  • Q3 2019

  • Get Fiat support for USD, JPY, KRW
    Support top 10 cryptocurrencies on the platform
  • Q4 2019

  • Release whitepaper v2
    Support top 15 cryptocurrencies
    Asset backed lending for NYSE traded assets
  • Q1 2020

  • Current accounts for EU users
    Launch mobile applications
  • Q2 2020

  • Ship cards to EU users
    Current accounts for USA users
  • Q3 2020

  • Ship cards to USA users


Bank of Hodlers Команда

Проверено 20%

Внимание. Существует риск того, что непроверенные члены на самом деле не являются членами команды

Darshan Bathija
Chief Executive Officer
Sanju Sony Kurian
Chief Technical Officer
Kora Rohan K
Product Manager
Anjani Kumar
Backend Engineer
Joshan Babu
Marketing Manager

Бывшие сотрудники

Sindhu U
HR Manager

Bank of Hodlers Интервью

Joshan Babu
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the Marketing Manager. I am responsible for the growth and outreach of the company. I am also involved in engaging with the community and ensuring the users enjoy their experience on the platform.
What do you think about idea?
I believe our product is great and innovative as it bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and regulations.
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