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The First Multi-Chain Web3 Toolkit. Anmol is building a new blockchain for the new wave of internet activity, perfect for transferring NFTs, tokens, and other digital assets. Alongside this, we are releasing our own new blockchain with a toolkit, allowing businesses, virtual communities, and individuals to rapidly utilize complex or gamified blockchain functionalities with nominal overhead costs.
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О проекте Anmol Network

Anmol is a blockchain with a full suite of DApps and tools designed to make the transition to Web 3.0 technologies easy for anyone.

Our platform lets end users create and maintain their own digital assets such as NFTs or Tokens, deploy and manage decentralized community-based DAOs, and more!

Anmol has easy onboarding tools, allowing newcomers to jump in and get involved with our platform, like wallets that can be accessed with their email or phone number. We also support MetaMask and will integrate many other popular wallets in the future. Our expertly designed and simple UX that combines functionality, gamification, and education, makes Anmol perfect for increasing overall blockchain and Web3 adoption.

At Anmol, our mission is to make Web3 technologies accessible, whilst promoting decentralization and blockchain tech as the norm within this industry. We are building a multi-chain Web3 toolkit, designed to remove the barriers of entry into the market by giving businesses, corporations, influencers, content creators, artists, and average users the ability to transition to the new wave of online activity, all without any programming needs.

We see Anmol as the missing piece in this industry. The Web3 market is currently disjointed, off-putting to newcomers, and deeply inaccessible. Anmol is aiming to fix this by crafting an interoperable and beginner-friendly infrastructure for onboarding and transitioning organizations into Web3 technologies. We believe this is necessary for widespread adoption and overall maturity, as an industry like this cannot grow and become stable without a global network of varied and avid users.


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Furqan Ahmed
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