Acebusters - Poker on the Ethereum Blockchain

Acebusters - Poker on the Ethereum Blockchain

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Acebusters - это децентрализованная покерная платформа, созданная навязчивыми поклонниками покера и криптографии. Мы стремимся создавать Acebusters в качестве децентрализованного приложения, которое будет предлагать услуги по продаже карт и установлению ставок.
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21 сент. 2017 г.
21 окт. 2017 г.
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О проекте Acebusters - Poker on the Ethereum Blockchain


Acebusters is a decentralized poker platform made by obsessive poker and cryptography fans. We strive to create Acebusters as a decentralized application (Dapp) which will offer the service of dealing cards and settling bets. The open and borderless nature of blockchain will allow players from all over the world to connect and create the largest poker liquidity pool seen to date. Through the use of multi-party state channels, a technology we developed to minimize the cost of interaction with the Ethereum blockchain, we have pioneered real-time cash games on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The market, because it was hit by scams and scandles, offers a huge opportunity to actually apply blockchain technology to fix a broken system. Add to that an ethusiastic team of innovators from both the blockchain and the poker world, who really want to make this happen, come and join us!

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We identified some main problems of the traditional online poker platforms: 1. Player Deposit Risk In 2011, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, the biggest poker rooms at the time, were shut down due to bank fraud and money laundering causing many players to lose their funds. 2. Fraud by Poker Platforms Many players suspect that platforms maximize rake by unfair shuffling. In addition, traditional business offerings can profit from the exploitation of personal data or arbitrarily block accounts of users that are too profitable. SnG is a very popular format and it will be one of the first features. 3. No “Mobile-first” Approach A lack of user friendly interface for recreational players or players on the go. 4. Fragmented Liquidity Often players are limited to a single jurisdiction, which denies them access to rich liquidity of games and opponents.

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Poker is only fun if it is also profitable for the players. We operate with a simple low-rake structure that is more profitable to recreational and professional players than rake structures of traditional platforms. Furthermore, we base our app on the Ethereum blockchain. The global reach of Ethereum will allow us to aggregate more players in one liquidity pool than any existing platform. We strive to bring back the golden era of online poker with low-rake and high-profit games.

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The engineers that developed Acebusters are long-term veterans in the blockchain space. The Dapp was developed following industry best practices to guarantee the safety of the players’ funds at all times. We have taken the following measures: 1. Bankroll always stays under the sole control of the player in his own wallet. 2. Wallet software to secure account and bankroll is player’s choice. 3. Peer review of smart contracts by reputable service provider. We plan on implementing secure multi-party computation (MPC) as a protocol for game execution. This cryptographic protocol will allow players to shuffle the deck collectively while keeping the cards secret until they are revealed in the game. Superuser access and manipulation of the random number generator for shuffling can be provably prevented, regaining players’ trust using this technology.

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Our Dapp can be accessed from the web or any mobile device, removing the need to install the custom software that traditional operators require. This eliminates practically any timing or geographical limits for playing. No personal data or verification of players’ identity is required to use the Acebusters Dapp. Rather, by creating a personal wallet and acquiring NTZ, the primary token of the Dapp, anyone can become a player. The time it takes from learning about the existence of Acebusters to placing the first bet can be as low as 2 minutes. By reducing the mental cost of registration, more occasional players from any geography will be able to participate. While we have greatly reduced the hurdles to initial access, we have undergone great efforts to disincentivize access by minors and persons with a tendency for addictive behaviour.

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Честные игры: Acebusters разрабатывают криптографический одноранговый протокол, называемый Mental Poker. Созданные онлайн покерные платформы приносят прибыль способами, которые разрушают доверие игроков. Acebusters - это совместно принадлежащая и автономно контролируемая покерная экономика, управляемая своими игроками для своих игроков. Любой может стать партнером мгновенно. Умные контракты могут выступать в качестве условного депонирования и являются независимыми по определению. Они могут быть настроены для любого вида ставок или дополнительных ставок. Как и в других приложениях блокчейна, личная информация не передается. Кошелек - это псевдоним.

Техническая информация

Acebusters Dapp - это набор открытых и защищенных от несанкционированного доступа интеллектуальных контрактов, развернутых в блокчейне Ethereum.

Acebusters - Poker on the Ethereum Blockchain Roadmap


  • We decided to go all-in to make this happen. Total dedication to the project.

  • У всех есть доступ к нашей бета-версии, работающей на тестовой сети Ethereum. В этот период мы получаем ценную информацию и отзывы. Умные контракты будут тщательно протестированы.

  • Fixing the last crucial bugs in our game logic and improving user experience with a small group of dedicated testers. Thanks, guys!
  • Версия для печати 1.0

  • Мы собираемся выпустить нашу первую версию готовой продукции.
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  • Where we are today! Everybody now has access to our beta. We will gain valuable insights and feedback in this period. The smart contracts will be tested thoroughly. This is all still happening on the Ethereum testnet.

  • Познакомьтесь с нашей инновационной системой с двумя маркерами.
    Ни один игрок не хочет побеждать, но проигрывает из-за неустойчивости рынка, не так ли? В то же время мы хотим, чтобы инвесторы участвовали в успехе Даппа. Вот почему мы создали Нутц и Силу.

  • Sit-and-Go (SNG) is a very popular format and it will be one of the first features we implement.

  • Acebusters will go totally mental. Decentralized, secure, p2p architecture with a guaranteed fairly shuffled deck. Awesome!

  • Асебастеры будут полностью психическими. Децентрализованная, безопасная архитектура p2p с гарантированной довольно перетасованной колодой. Потрясающие!

  • In order to reach out to the global poker community we will launch a global marketing campaign.

Acebusters - Poker on the Ethereum Blockchain Команда

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Johann Barbie
Blockchain Geek
Alex Lunyov
Platform Engineer
Michael Kroener
Marketing Analyst
Victor Mateleshka
QA Engineer
Mayank Kumar
Smart Contract Engineer
Helge Wieding
Poker Enthusiast
Konstantin Korenkov
Backend Developer
Calvin Hoenes
Strategy Engineer
Kate Danilova
Product Manager
Aleksey Grabov
UX Engineer
Yaroslav Volov
Frontend Developer

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Acebusters - Poker on the Ethereum Blockchain Обзоры

Acebusters has come up with an affiliate program where anyone can become an affiliate instantly and get the chance to earn a commission for every player that they successful bring to the platform. The company will share their profits with you equally for every player that you refer to use this platform.

If you are looking for a credible online poker platform that is secure, credible, and fair, then Acebusters is the best platform to choose. You will not only be allowed to play your favorite poker game, but you will also get the chance to earn money.

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