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A1 Coin and its lightning-fast transactions driven platform aims to transform the landscape of many other industries like marketing, advertising, hosting, domain registration, bidding, medicine, real estate, space research, Ecology, electronics, clothing, etc and other human endeavours of the present and future. The platform allows users to buy/sell products and services with the help of the native A1 tokens with hassle free transactions. In a world full of vague cryptocurrency projects that promise nothing, A1 is grounded in its belief that with the right kind of transparency and quality, it can offer something concrete and worth investing in for backers around the world.
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О проекте A1 Coin

The dream of launching a crypto currency has been a yearlong dream of the founders . After exploring deep in the up and downs of the market of crypto currency and ICO’s the companies vision and vision went through many talks and discussion for the past year and now came up with an exact idea .An idea which will persist over the years of market and bloom accordingly to the market conditions for longer potential. A proper analysis and investigation has been done before the launch which makes it understandable to the most common people in the community.

Over the years many organisations have come across and witnessed different phenomenon’s, the drastic fall of ICO’s in the market conditions due to many dead and scam projects made the investors more careful in selecting an investment ,the results are getting different each day. A proper vision and planning is always necessary to execute a plan is always important and one must know how to fix a problem.

Our vision capsulate the future of the company in a brief .A proper recipe is required to build a vision in which A1 has been absolutely clear about. With A1 the company is truly expressed here in changing the market conditions with the launching of potential token with more value added to it.

A1 Coin Roadmap

  • Q3 2019

  • * A1 Coin Idea Generation.
    A1 Coin Smart Contract Created.
    Web Development.
    Publishing of Whitepaper.
    Starting of Private Sales
  • Q4 2019

  • Listed on Decentralized Exchanges.
    Listing on Prominent Exchanges.
    Company Expansion & Growth
  • Q1 2020

  • Launching of Ecommerce Websites
  • Q2-Q4 2020

  • A1 P2P Exchange Planning
    A1 P2P Exchange Test
    A1 P2P Exchange Live


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