Supermoon, OORT, Ammocrypt, & Sunrise Hosted 1,000+ Founders, Builders, Investors during Consensus 2024.


Supermoon arrived at Austin, Texas alongside OORT, Ammocrypt, Sunrise Layer, & ​B612 to host the highlight side event during Consensus 2024.

The Supermoon Mansion gathered a turnout of over 1,000+ people, with hundreds of diversified blockchain, tech and web3 enthusiasts, from startup founders and VC investors. OORT Chairman Micheal Robinson said on X “Word on the streets is the Mansion on the Moon party was the highlight event of consensus 2024 … I couldn’t agree more”

Special guests & speakers included OORT Foundation’s Chairman Michael Robinson, Chris Lee from Sunrise Layer, our Supermoon Founder Elena Obukhova, Cointelegraph’s Head of Business Development Anna Shakola, and Ammocrypt’s COO Kristopher Dugger & CEO Richard Dugger.

Prior to the event, Supermoon hosted a private Tea Ceremony with Investors, followed by a private invite only Poker Tournament along with POOL, with a House of Rare premium Tequila bottle going to the winner. 

Now Supermoon camp returns to NYC to partake in New York Tech Week, were they will be hosting alongside Datashop, OORT, BEVM & RockTree Capital, a VC and Founder’s Soiree in a private rooftop in West Village, New York City, on Friday June 7. 

To those interested, applications can be found here: 

About the Hosts: 

​​​​Supermoon is a community for founders and investors, facilitating funding and resources necessary for project expansion. With over 18,000 founders, builders, and investors in our network and more than $12 million raised, Supermoon delivers resources and expertise to our portfolio ventures.

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​OORT is a decentralized AI cloud for privacy and cost savings. By integrating global compute and storage resources, OORT empowers trustworthy AI solutions.

​Ammocrypt - More than just a marketplace, AmmoCrypt is a commitment to facilitate the supply and trade of ammunition while ensuring a new level of transparency and accountability for all participants.

​Sunrise - Specialized DA Layer for Proof of Liquidity

​B612 is a NYC-based communication agency started by former CEO of Cointelegraph Victoria Vaughan. B612 is specializing in creating narratives that elevate brands and grow influence. Our clients are frequently featured in top-tier publications such as Bloomberg, USAToday, VentureBeat, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and others.