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Construindo uma planta para a produção de óleos de motor.
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Sobre Polymerium

The Polymerium company is a modern manufacturer of motor oils and autochemistry. Our products have good and stable demand on the Russian market. The company was created by the young entrepreneur nominated for the international award in the field of business GSEA 2015 and E&Y 2015, Sergey Senchikhin. On the market of this product there is a big problem with counterfeiting.

According to various estimates, the share of fake automobile oils in Russia is located up to 50%. In order to avoid negative consequences from the activities of fraudsters, the Polymerium company decided to use on production the system ArmPack. This innovation allows to fully protect the end user from the risks of counterfeit and substandard products. Each Polymerium's pack has a protective scratch layer, under which is a numeric code. With it, the buyer can quickly check product on originality and get all basic information about it. Code is disposable, therefore it is entirely excluded from re-use by fraudsters.

This simple system gives a distinct advantage over other manufacturers. At the moment the system has been running for over two years and provides reliable protection of our customers. About six months ago the leadership of the company had the idea to put the blockchain technology into production to ensure the transparency of production and, consequently, to increase customer loyalty and to maximize their protection from defective products.

After that was made a decision to create an improved system based on Armpack that can be applied in almost any industry. This is especially significant,in our view, in the production of Farmaceutici and in food production, because poor quality of the end product in these areas is a threat to the health and lives of people.

For this project it was decided to make the ICO with the aim of raising funds necessary for the creation and marketing of the upgraded Armpack system , and scaling production of the Polymerium company, because due to the increase of our production output, potential investors can be confident that the tokens PLM will be backed by tangible assets and products of the company.

PLM can be used for:

  • the purchase of our products(including for bulk purchases),
  • to obtaining a license for the use of the Armpack system

Using our token can give to consumers a bonus in the form of discounts, therefore, PLM will always have a steady demand. PLM holders will receive dividend from profits of the company, it is planned to allocate 30% of net profit monthly. In fact, using of a decentralized Armpack system should ensure maximum protection of consumers and the multiple reduction of the international counterfeit market, which is estimated at 500 billion dollars per year. The implementation of our ideas in the sphere of production of medicines will help to save thousands of lives. Of course, we have test solutions for different areas.

For example, we found that in some areas more than justified the use of a QR code, but there are areas where it is not quite reasonable. Also we thought over the solution of a one-time code on the goods, standing on the shelves in supermarkets.

You can say: "but there are already similar projects, what's the advantage of this one?". Answer. All these projects have only the idea, but not the experience. Our system is already functioning, with one peculiarity that at the moment it is centralized and does not meet the maximum requirements of openness,transparency and security for the end user. We just need to implement blockchain and modify the existing system. Besides, additional reliability and attractiveness for investors provides by the fact that Armpack will be guaranteed applied from the first minutes in our plants around the world. For all its ambition our idea is simple and therefore has all the chances for the successful implementation.

% name% Roadmap

  • Março 2014

  • Desenvolvimento de tecnologia e pesquisa
  • Janeiro de 2015

  • Teste dos primeiros protótipos
  • Abril de 2015

  • Criação do equipamento tecnológico, ajuste e start-up necessários.
  • Fevereiro de 2016

  • Início da produção, primeiras entregas aos concessionários
  • consulte Mais informação
  • Abril de 2017

  • Distribuição rápida de produtos em toda a Rússia e outros países
  • Setembro de 2017

  • Pré-ICO
  • 1 de novembro de 2017

  • Lançando a ICO
  • Dezembro de 2017 - novembro de 2018

  • Construção de produção, produção de uma empresa de marketing para aumentar as vendas, lançamento de uma empresa de franquias
  • Janeiro 2017 - março 2018

  • Desenvolvimento e implementação de um sistema anti-falsificação
  • April 2018

  • Connecting of other companies to the anti-counterfeiting system

Polymerium Equipe

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Sergey Senchikhin
The businessman, the founder of POLYMERIUM brand
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Alexander Tishin
Businessman, Technical Director
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Pavel Sukhih
Director of Development
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Dmitry Bauer
Developer, specialist in block-chain technology an...
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Cichiro Simidzu
Technologist, chemist, specialist in petro-chemis...
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Vladimir Grishnev
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Samotiev Valery
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Ilya Azarov
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David Rayz
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Dmitry Ryzhkov
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