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A blockchain-based platform to express your views and promote your brand.
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PodMiners is a digital radio and podcasting platform that promotes freedom of speech. Based on blockchain technology this platform has a lot to offer to the radio and podcast industry. The podcast industry is growing for the last few years, but there are some major challenges in front of podcasters. These include fair monetization, maintaining an online reputation, ad frauds, the involvement of third parties, etc. Implementation of blockchain technology will cut down these barriers and create a transparent ecosystem for content creators as well as consumers.

With the current features, content creators can upload a pre-recorded podcast to PodMiners and share it to various social media platforms. The live streaming and in show live calling capabilities to make the host connect to their audience around the world.

PodMiners, with continuous development, is aiming to bring creators, consumers, and advertisers together as a part of the global community. PodMiners also aims to add more advanced features like tracking the content ownership that exists on the platform, enabling in show advertisements, blockchain-based review system, video streaming model.

The ecosystem will work on the internal digital currency PodMiners Token (POMT). The creators, consumers and service providers will be benefited from the incentives in the form of POMT.


Blockchain for PodMiners

Looking at the radio and podcast industry, we can see that despite the growth, there are some major concerns like fraud, intermediators, security, fake remarking. Though blockchain technology can bring the revolution in the industry but it is not widely adopted till date.


PodMiners provides a provision to auto publish the content across multiple platforms. It will increase the chances of discoverability of your content.


By enabling the in show advertisement model, PodMiners will allow ecosystem users to monetize their content globally subjected to the terms and conditions.

Ad Fraud

The automated bots has already lead to the ad frauds. PodMiners is working to make a difference by creating a bridge for its consumers and advertisers.


Blockchain eliminates the involvement of third parties and allows micropayments. It helps advertisers, content creators and consumers to deal directly and build a strong community.

Random Fake Reviews

Random fake reviews hurts the reputation. At PodMiners, chances of fake reviews will be reduced. People who actually have consumed the paid content will be able to review the content creators.

On-time Payments

Blockchain smart contract implementation is making PodMiners a fair and open platform for all that allows creators to get paid instantly on meeting certain requirements.


Blockchain makes PodMiners, a highly secure and transparent system with improved efficiency in various processes. This blockchain based platform will provide secure medium for the publishers.


Creators will be able to get micropayments from consumers in the form of monthly subscription for their show or a small amount to download a selected episode.


Social Contributions

PodMiners aims to focus on the women and child empowerment and will come forward for any contribution needed. The PodMiners Organisation also supports the immediate cause like hunger, medical care, and war. We believe that in this growing industry our organization has to take the social step when increasing the market hare or having profits. With the increasing competition in any industry, every user needs quality services and products but they also care about their contribution they can make for the betterment of society. So being a part of PodMiners you also indirectly take part in our organizational growth & social cause of making this world a better place together. Thus in return, it helps the business to participate in the social welfare programs and contributions also.

  • Awareness programs & seminars for the women to spread knowledge about their health, rights, home-based working and more.
  • To help for food, medical services, clothes in case of immediate cause or disaster.
  • Primary education of the children.
  • Availability of books, uniforms, and other educational material.
  • Practical knowledge of the computer with proper training by professionals.

Informações técnicas

PM Token

To continue the functions of PodMiners ecosystem, PM Token, the internal cryptocurrency, is introduced.
Podminers is integrating its open and sustainable product and service ecosystem for the global community of podcasters, online broadcasters and online publishers.

Make your passion, a source of income!

When digital world is rising, it is believed that radio and podcasting industry is struggling hard to hold on the listeners and advertisers for long time. Generating satisfactory revenue is a huge challenge. PodMiners is a blockchain based open platform for the podcasters, broadcasters and advertisers. We are aiming to contribute towards the industry growth as an open platform where creators and consumers can collaborate together as a part of the global community. The ecosystem requires the PM Token, internal cryptocurrency, to carry out the operations.

The token will be used to:
  • Reward the content creators.
  • Access the applications and services like audio recording, sharing and publishing.
  • For podcast ads.
  • Rewards to consumers by brands on the completion of some simple tasks.
  • Rewards to the creators on the basis of votes, remarks and sharing of their content.

% name% Roadmap

  • 2018 Q1 - Q2; Milestone 1

  • The origin of PodMiners. Concept development and business plan.
  • 2018 Q3 - Q4; Milestone 2

  • Started podcasting and broadcasting platform development.
  • 2019 Q1; Milestone 3

  • Blockchain concept formulation and continuous development of centralized MVP.
  • 2019 Q2; Milestone 4

  • Beta testing of MVP, ICO development & token formulation.
  • consulte Mais informação
  • 2019 Q3 - Q4; Milestone 5

  • Start ICO, wallet development & user acquisition.
  • 2020 Q1; Milestone 6

  • Decentralization Ecosystem for PodMiners, token integration & exchange listing across multiple exchanges.
  • 2020 Q2; Milestone 7

  • Blockchain based review system development and continuous decentralization.
    PodMiners mobile application development
  • 2020 Q3; Milestone 8

  • Ads mechanism & detailed analytics development.
  • 2020 Q4; Milestone 9

  • Ads mechanism testing & implementation. Collaborations with brands for podcasting advertisement.
  • 2021 Q1; Milestone 10

  • Open source APIs for users and an open marketplace.
  • 2021 Q2; Milestone 11

  • Video streaming model and starting digital products marketplace such as e-books.
  • 2021 Q3; Milestone 12

  • Standing out as most favorite podcasting platform for the users and advertiser with continuous platform enhancement.


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PODMINERS Entrevistas

Akshita Sharma
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I'm playing the role of the lead role in managing and executing ICO marketing and promotion strategies of PodMiners ICO. Handling social media marketing campaigns, content strategies
What do you think about idea?
Podcast industry really needs a solution for its content creators, consumers, and advertisers where they can collaborate with transparency. Where there'll be no intermediaries and content monetization will be fair for everyone. Advertisers won't fall prey to the fake analytics, shown by content creators, and end up losing their money. The consumers will get good quality content for free or maybe for a small fee.
And all this is possible due to the blockchain technology. It brings transparency in the system and makes the ecosystem secure.
Our podcast live streaming with live calling is unique. More interesting and advanced features will be introduced with time. I'm sure people will love PodMiners.

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