Bitcoin Suisse

Bitcoin Suisse

Founded in August 2013, Bitcoin Suisse is a regulated pioneer and global market leader in crypto-financial service. Bitcoin Suisse provides institutional as well as private clients with different crypto-related services such as Brokerage (High Volume Trading), Hyper-Secure Storage of Crypto-Assets and different all around ICO-Services

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Founded in August 2013, Bitcoin Suisse is a pioneer and global market leader in crypto-financial services. Bitcoin Suisse provides its global institutional and private client base with the following services: Brokerage, ICO facilitation/advisory and other related offerings such as storage solutions.

More than 50 employees in Switzerland and Denmark service private and institutional clients and develop inhouse technology. Bitcoin Suisse is a licensed financial intermediary incorporated in Switzerland, operating under Swiss law and according to AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) regulations.

Bitcoin Suisse has played an important role in some of the most successful and influential projects in the crypto space, such as Ethereum.


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Niklas Nikolajsen
Founder, Chairman of the Board & co-CEO at Bitcoin...
Dr. Arthur Vayloyan
CEO and Member of the Board
Urs Bigger
Member of the Board
Luzius Meisser
Member of the Board
Stefan Lütolf
Head Trading & Brokerage
Andrej Majcen
Head Client Services
Fabian Hediger
Head Product Development & Innovation
Christian Holm
Chief Technology Officer
Lars Hodel
Head Legal & Compliance
Rolf Gätzi
Head Finance & Operations
Livio Bühler
Senior Trader
Loris Voneschen
Fabian Hunziker
Senior Account Manager
Ceyda Erinmez
Account Manager
Kristian Ulrich
Account Manager
Kévin Wintzenrieth
Account Manager
Andrin Renz
Account Manager
Angela Zollinger
Account Manager
Alina Arzumanyan
Account Manager
Rafael Gerpe Lorenzo
Account Manager
Michael Kenneally
Junior Account Manager
Vekil Pantchev
Investment Analyst
Kristoffer Nystrøm
Account Manager
Jiří Herzán
Product Manager
Emil Kassow
Account Manager
Sander Jorgensen
Account Manager
Niklas Jensen
Account Manager
Alexander Ostergaard
Marketing Manager
Nathalie Markendorf
Assistant to the ICO Management
Jeppe Sanggaard
Crypto Engineer
Edris Mir
Crypto Engineer
Alain Thomet
Senior IT Specialist
Jerome Faessler
Junior Project Manager
Rasmus Pørtner
Legal Counsel
Valentina Lazzeri
Legal Counsel
Gentian Perkola
Robin Fridlin
Junior Office Manager
Karim Kleist
Junior Account Manager
Thomas Fritzen
Chief Solution Architect
René Madsen
Senior Solution Architect
Phillip Ingemann Ole...
Senior Developer
Tommy Galberg Larsen
Andreas Kuni
Thorkil Værge
Blockchain Specialist
Stefan Jørgensen
Jonas Haubjerg Nicol...
Kaare Tyroll
Security and Infrastructure
Bodil Fogh Hansen
Senior Project Manager
Frej Sund Laursen
Solution Architect
Felix Nielsen
Senior Interactive Developer
Sonja Fischer Larsen
Project Manager
Marlon Turgay
Junior Trader
David Westhauser
Senior Compliance Officer
Anette Juel Fritzen
QA and Administrative Support
Armin Schmid
Head Strategic Projects

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