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Veles will provide both VPN encryption security and allow payments within the network with community based proof-of-work cryptocurrency. This payment option, unlike any fiat payment, will be private, nearly instant and with very low fees.
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Over Veles

Veles Core is an open-source software project that aims to help people to retain their freedom of access to an information and their privacy on the Internet. Most of current solutions are either commercial centralized services or are based on volunteer networks which are prone to misuse and censorship. Too fill the gap and provide secure, trustless solution the project take an advantage of developments in distributed systems and blockchain technology, to build economically self-supporting and eventually self-governing network, significantly more resistant to disruptions or or censorship.

The network currently provides decentralized VPN and tunelling as well as decentralized recursive DNS. More services will be gradually implemented over time, such as distributed Instant Messaging platform or trustless software builds.

% naam% Roadmap

  • Q4 2018

  • Launch of the (legacy) network
    First code release Veles Core R1
    Full code rewrite Veles Core R2 released
  • Nov 2018

  • Full code rewrite Veles Core R3 based Bitcoin Core v0.17 and FXTC with the support for multi-algo and masternodes
    Coinswap of 50k VLS for early adopters
    Original pre-mine burned
    Minimal block rewards until VCIP01 completed
  • Feb 2019

  • Significantly increase block rewards to provide neccessary supply
    Non-linear halving interval to shorten the inflation period
    Equalize dynamic rewards among all the algos
    Adaptive supply control with halving re-scheduling and automatic dynamic rewards boost
    Masternode rewards gradual increase from 5% to 60% in 5 years
    Dev-team rewards gradual decrease from 5% to 0% in 5 years

    Veles Masternode Installer released to simplify masternode installation on Linux boxes.
    Support for several distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, RedHat, Fedora, CentOS etc.
    As an alternative solution, Veles fork of the popular installation script Nodemaster
    is also available
  • Mar 2019

  • Complete redesign of QT wallet UI for all desktop platforms
    Clear indication whether pre-release or stable version is used
    Support for exporting and loading of custom QSS stylesheets to enable designers easy customization without the need of C++ knowledge
    Started development of separate experimental GUI based on Angular
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  • Apr 2019

  • Reduction of official supply limit of 12.5 milion VLS to 2.5 milion VLS to match the current theoretical maximum supply based on mining consensus estabilished by VCIP01
    future-proofing the current supply curve to stay intact and ensure decreasing inflation of VLS
    Prepared a plan to implement decrease of Veles masternode collateral from 2000 to 500 VLS to match the new supply limit, alongside with the maximum supply formal enforcement, in the next major release (v0.18)
  • Feb - Apr 2019

  • Fixes by Veles Core team covering issues emerged from testing up-to date
    Ported all updates from Bitcoin Core v0.17.1
    Support for Travis Continuous Integration and automated testing
    Installation wizard for Windows 32/64 bit
    Installation .deb packages and apt-get repository for Ubuntu/Debian Linux
    Binaries for Raspberry Pi vanilla Linux and Raspbian .deb packages
    Installation file .dmg for macOS
    Revised and updated project documentation, added documentation about masterndes
  • Q2 2019

  • New project website with updated information and new design
    Redesigned block explorer and integrated with website
    Providing real-time data and statistics of blockchain using websockets and server-push
    High-load backend service providing load-balanced public APIs
    International translations of whitepaper and website

    Implementation and launch of Proof-Of-Stake consensus mechanism to complement PoW for a stronger and safer network
    PrivateSend / InstantSend activation
    Rebase code to the latest Bitcoin v0.18, implementing several new features as wallet backup utility, and base for future support of hw wallets
    Transformation period for a new masternode collateral decreased from 2000 to 500 VLS to match decreased maximum supply
    Further improve internalization support on GUI client
    Optional pre-alpha dVPN dapp for masternode operators to enable future live testing
    Full Veles browser based , client side web-wallet release
  • Q3 2019

  • Port DIP0002 Special Transactions to enable storing of VPN subscriptions on-blockchain in a correct manner
    To ensure maximum anonymity and security of Veles dVPN we have based payments for the service on substantialy more anonymous and secure solutions than DIP0002 block entries.
    Integrate DIP0003 Deterministic Masternodes implementation, reliable on-blockchain masternode sync
    DIP003 integration have been discontinued and replaced by custom Veles Masternode system that suits the needs of the project more closely and enables much better extendability,
    Development of decentralized Certification Authority for RSA certificates used for dVPN connection
    Start of DEX development for use within the ecosystem to enable trade of tokens representing hours of VPN connection time to provide better store-of-value, price discovery and free transfer of pre-paid VPN time.
    DEX development has been postponed as our main priority is dVPN implentation and to implement native and efficient VPN price discovery using VLS token in a first place.
    Development of VPN provisioning, orchestration and port multiplexing that enable successfuly serving Veles daemon and VPN service.
    Pre-alpha dVPN dapp on voluntary masternodes for testing and client development
    Integration ElectrumX server for further usage
    Preparation of PrivateSent for activation anonymized payements (detailed testing, debugging)
    Continuously working on improvements and bugfixes in the latest Veles Core version
    Start of native Mobile-Wallet IOS/Android development
  • Q4 2019

  • Optional pre-alpha dVPN dapp for masternode operators to enable live testing
    Tier II masternode implementation to function as exit nodes to provide multi-hop routing
    During the development phase we have discovered several possible alternative multi-tiered multi-hop dVPN configurations that could significantly improve the original concept and need to be tested and assesed during the public alpha testing.
    IPv6 to IPv4 routing layer to support IPv6 exit nodes
    A the current IPv6 infrastructure still haven't reached worldwide coverage and as we need to prioritize on smooth provisioning of services on IPv4, we have posponed the IPv6 to IPv4 transport implementation.
    Management of subscriptions on blockchain. Service subscription and discovery has been implemented, dVPN payment implementation will be finalized at the end of public alpha testing.
    Public alpha testing version of dVPN using voluntary nodes
    PrivateSend activation
    Development of new Veles Masternode framework with Service Manager etc.
    Development of new Veles Masternode installation script with dapp support such as dVPN
    New masternode synchronisation system with extended data support and decentralized API
    Integration of Decentralized cashing DNS system
  • Q1 2020

  • Release of installation script for dVPN & MN
    dVPN live for public use
    Development of decentralized domain name system. Already in progress
  • Q1 2021

  • Complete redesign of UI focusing on UX aspects - 02/08/2021
    Refactor several functionality aspects - 02/21/2021
    Complete test of the wallet - 03/01/2021
    App deploy to the Stores - 03/07/2021

    Rent new servers to replace current ones - ETA 02/10/2021
    Migrate ElectrumX server - ETA 03/27/2021
    Migrate websocket Server - ETA 03/27/2021
    Update SSL certificates and general configurations - ETA 04/09/2021
    Activate new servers by updating DNS configurations - ETA 04/10/2021
  • Q2 2021

  • Desing UI/UX aspects of the dashboard - 02/10/2021
    Frontend markup and functionality development - ETA 04/24/2021
    Dashboard backend functionality development - ETA 04/24/2021
    General testing - ETA 05/15/2021
  • Q3 2021

  • Migrate current functionality to JS (Angular)- ETA 06/15/2021
    Integrate VPN with wallet for native, configuration-free dVPN usage - ETA 07/15/2021

    Integrate payment system into dVPN service - ETA 07/07/2021
    Internal testing and bug fixing - ETA 07/15/2021

    Run the community bug hunting event - ETA 08/15/2021
    Bug fixing - ETA 09/01/2021

    Final integration test - ETA 09/19/2021
    Service Deploy - ETA 09/30/2021
  • Q4 2021

  • Upgrade current image - ETA 10/15/2021
    Integrate desktop wallet - ETA 10/22/2021
    Integrate dVPN service - ETA 10/31/2021
  • Q1 2022

  • Tier II masternode implementation to function as exit nodes to provide multi-hop routing
    The exact implementation will be based on the best multi-tiered multi-hop routing system chosen according to the real-life data from alpha testing stage.
    Transition period for dVPN dapp to be mandatory for masternode operators
    IPv6 to IPv4 routing layer to support IPv6 exit nodes. Already assigned with lower priority,
    Management of dVPN subscriptions on blockchain
  • Q2 2022

  • dVPN live for public use
    Improve and refactor dVPN implementation for betters scaling
    Research on new viable scaling solutions using the data from the Q1.
    Start development and testing of the concept of Proof-Of-Geolocation to enable more decentralized and better distribution of VLS exitnodes around the world.
  • Q3-Q4 2022

  • Develop means and infrastructure for a fair decentralized way of governance over all of the decision processes involved in the Veles ecosystem maintenance and development
    Start of DEX development for use within the ecosystem to enable trade of tokens representing hours of VPN connection time to provide better store-of-value, price discovery and free transfer of pre-paid VPN time.
    Explore the idea of hashrate rental tokenisation and exchange on DEX, which could also provide decentralized data on market price of hashrate to be used by more advanced dynamic PoW rewards adjustments.
    Public release of Veles DEX and web-interface
  • 2022 - 2024

  • Time window to implement and battle-test all the governance processes before functioning as fully decentralized organisation with the support of Veles Core team.
    Maintenance of the dVPN network and implementation of the new features, ideas, integrations or use-cases suggested by the community as users, node operators and developers.
  • 2025

  • Current members of Veles Core team will continue helping the community to work on Veles ecosystem development as it's our passion to continue changing the world as long as we will be able to.

Veles Team

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