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24 mei 2018

Shipit - een zender- en reizigerscommunity die tijdens de verhuizing het originele verzendpakket helpt en een mobiele app die laatstgenoemde helpt extra geld te verdienen tijdens het reizen.
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1 sep. 2018
31 okt. 2018
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1 aug. 2018
31 aug. 2018
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mei, 2018
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MVP / Prototype


Shipit is een symbiose van de beste ideeën en werkwijzen van koeriersdiensten, crowdsource- en crowdshipping-services. We hebben de beste bedrijfspraktijken gesynthetiseerd om een ​​revolutionaire en unieke service te creëren. Net zoals Uber en BlaBlaCar al een deel van ons dagelijks leven zijn geworden, wordt Shipit een onvervangbare tool voor verzending.


Safety and reputation

Shipit finds the questions of safety to be the pivotal ones, therefore, we have come up with a very strict criteria for picking senders and travelers. Deposits, multi-factor verification, smart contracts and blockchain, reputation system, real-time photos – we have thought everything in order to make the app safe and attractive. In case of breach of rules and requirements, going through verification procedure for the second time will be incredibly demanding, almost impossible.


Deposits serve as an insurance for a shipment in case of theft, loss or damage. It is a reasonable solution for both travelers and senders. Senders understand that in case of force major they will be duly compensated and travelers are aware of that in case of any incompliance with the rules and requirements or gross negligence they will not be refunded the money deposited, they will lose access to the app and will not be able to earn money.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts serve as the best way of automatization of the system without moderators’ participation. All transactions will be subject to smart contracts. Thus, the app will be fitted with impeccable mechanisms of security and transparency. The history of all transactions will be infinitely stored on the blockchain. 


Traditionally, factoring is a service provided by factoring companies or banks that are willing to accept the risks of payment delays. Shipit factoring solves the issue of mandatory deposit for shipment's safety payable by a traveler as an insurance. Shipit makes a deposit for the traveler – only a small factoring fee is required.

Note: Although, delivery of high-value items may seem more complicated, this is compensated by higher fees.

Sharing economy and profiles

According the research by BlaBlaCar, one of the cornerstone issues of collaborative consumption is trust. Sharing services have actually been quite successful in tackling it. 80% of users nowadays are ready to trust a stranger in case his or her profile includes a photo, short biography, record of interactions with other users and reviews. In three to five years from now on everyone will use sharing services since everyone will have a universal profile with a well-established reputation. By integrating sharing economy principles, Shipit gains the capacity to give users the following advantages:

  1. No customs charges or taxes, if the item fits green channel requirements.
  2. Lower probability of theft or damage.
  3. Shipping to individuals and legal entities.
  4. Lower costs than when using delivery services.
  5. Personal communication with delivering travelers.
  6. No paperwork and bureaucracy.
  7. Sender does not overpay for brand and promotion.
  8. Sender's money is fairly distributed within the system instead of being transferred to corporations.
  9. Travelers manage their luggage more efficiently.
  10. Travelers contribute to the world.


% naam% Roadmap

  • Q1 2018

  • Open test
  • Q2 2018

  • Pre Sale
  • Q3 2018

  • Public Sale
    Crypto wallet integration
  • Q4 2018

  • SHPT integration into app
    Japan and Philippines market penetration
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  • Q1 2019

  • Blockchain integration
    Introduction of Smart contracts
  • Q2 2019

  • Full service gamification
    Verification system Netverify
  • Q3 2019

  • South Korea market penetration
    Integration of predicting analysis systems
  • Q4 2019

  • Factоring
    Mail forwarding
    China market penetration


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Iskander Karimov
Nikolay Grishakov
Azat Shaidullin
Chief of Strategy/ Co-founder
Artur Iskhakov
Head of HR/ Co-founder
Marat Akhunzyanov


$328 000

Federico De Faveri
Lead Blockchain Developer Full-Stack Software Dev...
Alexander Sazonov
Backend Developer
Alexey Fedorov
Software Engineer
Anna Aturyan
PR manager
Arslan Rakhmatullin
SMM/Community Manager
Damir Yalalov
Shivarjun Shrivastav...
Marketing Manager
Sergey Mikhalev
Artem Nagibin
Frontend Developer
Liya Shaydarova
IR Manager


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Sydney Ifergan
Advisor, Digital Marketing

15 ICOs

$19 784 636

Mofassair Hossain
Advisor, PR&Marketing Expert

10 ICOs

$24 710 128

Dean Karakitsos
Advisor, ICO Consultant

59 ICOs

$185 243 238

Naviin Kapoor
Advisor, Blockchain Expert

12 ICOs

$21 218 786

Alex Linenko
Advisor, Tokenization Expert


$20 243 124

Andrey Korotkov
Advisor, Business Analyst
Artem Eremin
Advisor, Logistics&Supply
Marat Mukhametzyanov
Advisor, Legal&Compliance
Sumit Mehra
Advisor, Mobile Engineering
Ashish Toshniwal
Advisor, Software Engineering
Vivek Rajanna
Advisor, SVP Engineering

Voormalige leden

Brian Pham
Lead Project Manager
Chris Chang
Senior UI/UX Design
Ryan Spencer
Associate Creative Director
Debasish Bhadra
Lead Tech Project Manager

SHIPIT Interviews

Damir Yalalov
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Hi. I am CMO at Shipit.

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Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

SHIPIT is an express delivery platform involving a community of senders and travelers united by a mobile application that enables them to make shipment easily and earn extra money while traveling.


  1. Simple: The platform enables the users to easily find someone taking a trip to their desired places for shipment and  readily makes the delivery for them
  2. Safe: The platform has a system of deposits, reviews-based rating  and multi-factor  verifications  that ensures safer delivery hence lowering the risks of the thefts and damages
  3. Affordable: The platform use is very much affordable as compared to express delivery as  it doesn’t involve keeping numerous machinery units  and employees hence lowering the involved costs
  4. Convenience: The platform enables the users to message each other  thus are able to keep track of each other  and track shipments
  5. Less bureaucracy: The platform doesn’t involve any paperwork and the need of filling lots of different forms hence preventing any involved mistakes during shipment
  6. Usability: The platform has a well developed mobile application supported by Android and IOS and can be easily installed in their smartphones enabling  the users to easily connect with each other during shipments
  7. Team: The platform has a good management and advisory  team members  with adequate skills and experience necessary for the project implementation under the guidance of the CEO  Iskander Karimov


  1. The platform users may not be able to access the SHPT token wallet in case they lose their private keys
  2. The platform doesn’t provide a guarantee of compensation for any loss incurred by the user
  3. The amount raised by SHPT tokens at the involved stages is not satisfactorily enough for the project implementation


  1. The platform should conform  to the tax regulation policies to prevent  the users from incurring any further charges
  2. The platform SHPT tokens  use should provide more incentives to the holders by enabling them to take part in decision making and other voting rights


Through the introduction of blockchain and smart contracts into the Shipit application ensures an unprecedented level of data transparency and reduces international shipping costs and any delays making the project very vital. I would highly invest in this project.

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