Driving User Engagement and Value: Insights into Pamp Da Coin's App Incentive Fund and Innovative Features

Driving User Engagement and Value: Insights into Pamp Da Coin's App Incentive Fund and Innovative Features

Glen, Pamp Da Coin Team Member, delves into the project's strategies for incentivizing user participation, enhancing token value, and leveraging innovative technologies to improve user experience and engagement.

What are the benefits of having an App Incentive Fund for rewarding user participation in games, and how is this fund managed?

G: First off, the app incentive fund is the fund for gaming rewards, locked in a third party vesting contract (20% PAMP supply). The fund is gradually vested in 03 years.

You can find it here https://www.pinksale.finance/pinklock/arbitrum/record/1006609 

It aims to encourage users to participate in our game, ultimately pushing the token burn process as 18% of the whole game pot will be burned, which includes token from the app incentive fund and the fund of players who have lost in the game.

180,000,000 PAMP (~0.018% Supply) from the fund will be released to game 'Pot' everyday systematically (18% will be burned, 80% to game winners, 2% to network gas and oracle fees).

This means only game winners can have access to this fund.

On May 31, 2024, we decided to set 90,000,000 PAMP (~0.009% Supply) from the daily release to be burned automatically, reducing PAMP total supply progressively.

To track the token burn process, you can check this link: https://arbiscan.io/token/0x2879e4cff83108042a3bd575b5ca46f5b230d073?a=0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 

For on-chain analytics, we also have a Dune page to track market cap, token burn, holders, etc. at https://dune.com/pampdacoin/status 

What are the key functionalities of the Pamp Da Wallet, and how does its NFC capability enhance user convenience?

G: Pamp Da Wallet is a joint effort between our team and Bacoor company. It operates as an easy-to-use hardware wallet that can be carried anywhere in the world.

The wallet keeps user’s Private Key locally on a physical card and securely in the form of a highly encrypted JSON file. 

To access the wallet users just need to tap the card on the back of their devices (Android phone + Chrome browser). This technology is called Google Web NFC, developed by the Google team. The tap action triggers the wallet interface to appear on Chrome browser.

To begin the sending process, users must input their custom passcode, mitigating the risk of external compromise.

From our perspective, Pamp Da Wallet is a gift for our top holders. Users can use it to store assets on 06 different chains Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Binance Chain, and Avalanche. 

What governance model does Pamp Da Coin adopt to involve the community in decision-making processes?

G: Pamp Da Coin is a meme coin. Our gaming side is just a mechanism to burn token through time. We have no plan for governance or DAO.

Can you explain the process of creating and minting meme NFTs on the Pamp Da Coin platform and how users can monetize their creations?

G: On the platform we have multiple templates for users to choose, they only need to insert text then hit the ‘Mint Meme NFT’ button.

Once minted, the NFT can be sent to anyone, or downloaded in the *JPEG format. Users can also list it for sale on Opensea.

Listed NFT will appear on the ‘Latest’ page of our web app for other users to browse.

What are the expected long-term effects of the token burning process on the scarcity and value of Pamp Da Coin?

G: This is the simple mechanism of demand and supply. The burning process creates diminished supply in the long run, eventually enhancing token value.

How does the Game Pot distribution model work to ensure that winners receive 80% of the contributions and their initial capital back?

G: Our game is a PvP game where all players will place bets, gathered in our game Pot (basically a smart contract). There will always be a winning side, which gets back their initial capital. In addition, they get 80% of the contributions from the App Incentive Fund and players who have lost. The other 18% will be burned and 2% will be paid for network and oracle fee (Chainlink).

Can you elaborate on the impact of having 53.5% of the token supply distributed to the community through a Fairlaunch event on the decentralization and empowerment of users?

G: The Fairlaunch event allows PAMP token to be fairly distributed to early supporters and generates a fund for the project to operate. It also removes team influence on token distribution. In our tokenomics, we only have 3 main factors that include Fairlaunch, DEX liquidity and App Incentive Fund.

What upcoming features or projects are in the pipeline for Pamp Da Coin to enhance the gaming and user experience on the platform?

G: Aforementioned, we will mainly focus on token burn through our game play. There will be more games to sustain the thrill in the community. 

We believe memecoin is a sector that has so much potential in bull run, especially with low cap memecoin.