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Holdex Finance

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We set out to be the most powerful Fin-Tech and DeFi platform! We are building a fully transparent, ultra-secure, profit-guaranteed and low-risk decentralized finance platform for investors interested with cryptocurrencies. We are here to change the traditional understanding of finance that is open to inflation and manipulation!
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23 jul. 2021
23 sep. 2021
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Phase 1st
23 jun. 2021
23 jul. 2021
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Doel 50 000.00 USD
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Details token
Totale voorraad
Token Distributie
Maximum 100,000,000 coin supply distribution;
👉🏻50% Staking, Farm and Pool rewards (Locked)
👉🏻 15% Advertising, Marketing and Stock Exchange Listing
👉🏻10% Teams (Locked) will unlock 10% every 3 months
👉🏻10% ICO and Presale
👉🏻10% Platform Development
👉🏻5% Airdrop and Other Rewards
Geaccepteerde valuta's
Min. Bijdrage
Airdrop: 10$ on twitter (Limited 50.000 user)
Every purchase bonus %5
Up to 1.000$ purchase +%5
Up to 5.000$ purchase +%10
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Over Holdex Finance

For now, Holdex Finance is a decentralized AMM with yield farming incentives, mint-free, and a unique token distribution design. Holdex Finance is powered by the HOLDEX token, which adds a layer of governance and powers self-contained pools and farms. It will be compatible with Ethereum & Huobi Ecochain & Binance Smart Chain networks.


Holdex Platform Features

With our platform in a short time;

🔸 Holdex Swap - With the support Auto Market Maker, you will be able to trade with low risk, minimal fee and 100% safe.

🔸You will be able to earn interest with Yield Farming, Staking and Private investment pools.

🔸Ideas and projects belong to us; With our 'H-APY' (Holdex Annual Percentage Yield Scanner) and 'H-ATB' (Holdex Auto Trading Bot) applications, you will be able to list the highest interest rates in the market and automate your investments if you wish.

🔸You will be the first investors of reliable projects in our Launchpad and ICO listing applications.

🔸With the Holdex Wallet and Mobile App, you will be able to trade quickly, send and receive Crypto, and set up a social network and mine.

🔸After Mainnet, you will be able to produce your own Token in the Holdex Chain network and list it on our exchange.

Technische informatie

💎 HOLDEX Features

Maximum 100,000,000 coin supply distribution;

👉🏻50% Staking, Farm and Pool rewards (Locked)

👉🏻 15% Advertising, Marketing and Stock Exchange Listing

👉🏻10% Teams (Unlocked) will unlock 10% every 3 months

👉🏻10% ICO and Presale

👉🏻10% Platform Development

👉🏻5% Airdrop and Other Rewards


✨ Maximum of 10,000,000 HoldexCoins will be in circulation, along with bonuses and advertising payouts, on the first exchange listing. Currently, cryptocurrencies with the same supply are sold in the range of $ 75-300, while our initial listing target is $1. In the last quarter of 2021, we will be listed on the largest exchanges and always keep the price high. Most project founders hurt their investors by selling all the coins they had on the initial listing. The HoldexTeam, lock 10% of the allocated supply to open 10% quarterly. "Holders always win!"





⚡Start date: 23.06.2021

⚡Total sales: 5,000,000 HOLDEX

⚡Softcap: $750.000

⚡Hardcap: 2,000,000$

⚡Planned listing price (Min): 1$

⚡Minimum purchase: $50

⚡Maximum purchase: $5,000

⚡Referral bonus: 20% 🔥


🔥 ICO Phase 1:

$0.10 price for 1,000,000 HOLDEX

5 Bonus

🔥 ICO Phase 2:

$0.20 price for 1,500,000 HOLDEX.

5% Bonus

🔥 ICO Phase 3:

Price of $0.30 for 2,500,000 HOLDEX.

5% Bonus


Holders Always Win!

Lets join us...


🌍 https://www.holdex.finance

🌍 twitter.com/holdexfinance

🌍 instagram.com/holdexfinance

🌍 t.me/holdexfinance

🌍 medium.com/@holdexfinance

🌍 github.com/HoldexFinance

% naam% Roadmap

  • 2021-Q3

  • Listing Coingecko or Coinmarketcap
    Listing on DEX & CEX Markets
    DEX-DeFi Platform Launching Project v2.0
    HoldexSwap Launching
    Whitepaper v2.0
  • 2021-Q4

  • Launching Yield Farming
    Listing Big Exchange
    Holdex Stake Launching
    Holdex Chain Testnet
  • 2022-Q1

  • Auto Trading Bot Launching
    ICO Launchpad Platorm
    Holdex Wallet
  • 2022-Q2

  • Holdex APY ScannerLaunching
    Holdex Mobile App
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  • 2022-Q3

  • Holdex Chain Mainnet
  • 2022-Q4

  • The new Fin-Tech Ecosystem Project v3.0
  • 2023-Q1

  • Payment System Platform


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