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YURIX는 온라인으로 비디오를 보는 방식에 혁명을 일으킬 플랫폼 및 토큰입니다. 그것은 본질적으로 광고를 볼 때마다 시청자에게 보상하는 비디오 공유 플랫폼입니다. 스폰서 광고를 볼 때 광고주가 지불하는 돈의 일부가 플랫폼의 지갑에 생성 된 동전 (유리 토큰) 형태로 제공됩니다.
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2018. 3. 3.
2018. 4. 3.
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Yurix는 "POV (Proof Of View)"라는 새로운 방식의 스테이크를 제공하는 오픈 소스, 피어 투 피어 및 커뮤니티 중심의 암호화 방식입니다. Yurix는보다 효과적이고 편리한 광고 수단을 제공합니다.

유 릭스는 다양하게 배포 될 것입니다. 보게되는 모든 광고는 Yurix로 보상받습니다.


유익한 이유 유릭스의 장점

& nbsp; & nbsp; 데이터 저장 용량은 영구적입니다.

& nbsp; 효과적인 광고.

& nbsp; & nbsp; Yurix는 다양하게 배포됩니다. 보게되는 모든 광고는 Yurix로 보상받습니다.

& nbsp; 폐쇄 경제 시스템의 창설.

& nbsp;

% name % 로드맵

  • Q4, 2017

  • Preliminary
    YURIX Vision Explained, Project Planning, Project Research, YURIX Protocols Defined and YURIX Goals Created.
  • Q1, 2018

  • ICO Sale
    Token Creation, PreSale Offering, Marketing for Phase 1, 2, 3 Public Sale, PC Wallet Research, Phase 1, 2, 3 Public Sale Launch and ERC20 Token Issued on Internal System.
  • Q2, 2018

  • Coin Exchange
    Token Listed on Exchanges, YURIX System Planned and Researched, Mobile Wallet Research and Development and PC Wallet Launch.
  • Q3, 2018

  • Mobile Wallet
    Yurix Platform Development (Beta), Android/iOS Wallet LaunchMarketing for Public Awareness of YURIX Platform, YURIX Platform Beta Testing and Smart Contract Development and Implementation.
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  • Q4, 2018

  • Product Development
    YURIX Platform Beta launch, Reachout to Sponsors for Advertising, Continue Marketing for Public Awareness, Reach Out to Major Media and News and Listing on More Exchanges.
  • Q1, 2019

  • Launching.
    YURIX Platform Alpha Launch, Continue to Grow Sponsorship and Continued User Growth, Research and Planning of YURIX Platform External System.


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Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

YURIX is a platform and token set to revolutionize how you watch videos online. It is essentially a video sharing platform that rewards the viewer every time they watch commercials. When you watch sponsor’s ads, a fraction of the money advertisers pay is given to you in form of coins (Yuri tokens) generated into your wallet on the platform.


1.    A POV (Proof Of View) feature ensures that advertisers get value for their money. Viewers are only paid when users deliberately choose to watch the videos. It is not possible for viewers to cheat the system.

2.    Unlike conventional video viewing platforms, Yurix gives viewers the freedom to choose whether to watch the ads on not. If a viewer chooses NO, he or she will be allowed to watch the video without any further interruption.

3.    Besides getting paid for watching sponsor’s ad. Videos, viewers have the option of posting videos provided such a person allows the platform to place adverts on the same. This option entitles the owner of the video to 45 % of revenue paid by advertisers.

4.    Yurix (YRI) token provides a completely enclosed economy that is strictly connected to the block chain transactions. Consequently, there is no room for fraud since all transactions are transparent.

5.    Smart Contract linked to the upload of all the data on the platform ensures that everything stored will remain permanent.

6.    Advertisers are assured of effective advertising. The platform gives them data on views received by the various ads as captured by token tracking reports. This allows the advertiser to modify/retarget ineffective ads. 

7.    Yurix allows advertisers to take advantage of the beauty, simplicity, and immutability of ERC20 Token Smart contract.

8.    The platform will in future benefit third-party websites. While the YRI tokens will initially be on the YURIX site, plans are underway to extend the same to other sites that will accept to post YURIX video.


1.    The platform does not allow users to buy YRX tokens using fiat money. YURIX clearly specifies that it has no plans of introducing the same.

2.    YURIX only rewards video ad viewers and not consumers of other forms of adverts.

3.    The platform does not specify the types of videos that it accepts. 


1.    Yurix should consider introducing the remaining five common cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money so token buyers a broader selection of payment forms to choose from.

2.    The platform should include all types of adverts to cater for the taste and preferences of all everyone.

3.    It should also clearly specify the type videos that it accepts. This will save producers time and protect some viewers from inappropriate content.

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