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A global decentralized economic ecosystem with the primary objective to solve Africa's economic challenges through strategic enterprises.
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2021. 11. 15.
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TAJIRI is world foremost blockchain technology powered impact project, designed to facilitated Africa Economy integration by enhancing cross border payment, financial inclusion and global digital economy integration, thus accelerating the socioeconomic development Africa nations.
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Oct 1, 2021
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TAJIRI Token (TAJI) created on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain, a BEP20 Standard Token - is a Utility Token used for transaction fee payment and mean of value exchange on AfriPayX and the extended platforms of the Tajiri
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TAJIRI is a decentralized economy ecosystem, leveraging blockchain technology to build a global platform optimized for the African Economy to facilitate the creation of an African Open Economy – with an integrated financial backbone that enables fast, secure, cheap cross border payment, remittance, and exchange of value, as well as boost financial inclusion and global digital economic integration, thus accelerating socioeconomic development across Africa.


TOKEN NAME: TAJIRI ❖ TOKEN SYMBOL: TAJI ❖ DECIMAL PLACE: 8 ❖ BLOCKCHAIN: BINANCE SMART CHAIN ❖ TOKEN STANDARD: BEP20 ❖ TOTAL QUANTITY: 100Billion (FINITE) ❖ CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xF1b6059dbC8B44Ca90C5D2bE77e0cBea3b1965fe ❖ REFLECTIVE PROTOCOL: 1% ❖ RESERVED FOR GRWOTH: 19.8% of Total Token shall be locked up till Q1 2023, as reserved for growth. ❖ BUY BACK and BURN: 20% of Transaction FEE, shall be used to buy back Tajiri token for burning on quarterly basis, to drive scarcity of token. ❖ STORAGE WALLET: Trustwallet, Metamask, Safepal, Coin98, TokenPocket and BossPal

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  • 31/10/2021

  • Tajiri Ecosystem is built around AfriPayX – a global integrated Payment Platform, built on mobile payment technology, DEFI protocol, and Web3Js Technology - with Integrated Wallet, Decentralized Exchange, Store of Value Protecting Vault System, Staking Program, and Liquidity Pool - to will facilitate cross-border payment, reduce demand for forex, and help ordinarily people earn securely and passively, as well as drive Financial Inclusion, Digital Economy Integration, Job Creation and encourage Entrepreneur support and interplay across Africa.


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Fredrick Lawanson
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Mikchael Adeyemi
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Priestly Adaigbe
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Kabiru Abiola
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Joko Okupe-Agbonmagb...
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Mrs. Adebo Onabowale
Human resources
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$60 000

Anders Johnsson
Technical advisor
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As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the project manager and community manager. My responsibilities involves planning and executing the project as defined in line with the roadmap. It involves liaising with vendors, project team and everyone relevant to the project. I also supervise the activities in the communities and ensure to meet needs when they arise
What do you think about idea?
The idea is novel, it is a highly welcome one as such a time as this where Africans need to be liberated financially. On a personal note, I love the project because it is designed and bound to help many people since it will be solving several problems. Every African should be a part of it.
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the CEO and a Co-Founder of the Tajiri Global Project. Thus, aside championing the project development, adoption and marketing; I also coordinate the project team and partners to ensure success. As a team we are passonate and committed to driving the Tajiri Global project to a big success.
What do you think about idea?
The ambition of Tajiri Global is to leverage blockchain technology to drive real life socioeconomic impact, with primary focus on the developing economic. Tajiri Global is building a decentralized economy ecosystem, thus building multiple platform that will facilitate financial inclusion and global digital economy integration of the Africa state, hence accelerate socioeconomic development.

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