Skull Face

Skull Face

Created using Figma
Here is web3 street fashion brand, 10,000 unique Skull x Punks collectible NFTs.
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약 Skull Face

Skull Face x Punks is a collection of 10,000 NFTs collectibles. It's an ERC-721 token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, it uses a design that combines skulls and punk styles. We will give all holders a Skull T-shirt created by the NFT you minted, with a total of 10,000 T-shirts. The first draft of the T-shirt design has been placed on the website, you can click the Skull x T-shirt button in the navigation bar, if you are fashion designer, I hope you can give valuable design advice. Giveaway and start the retail plan after all NFTs are minted, we will mass-produce and sell all T-shirts, all holders can participate. For example, if you have 1 Skull NFT, when your T-shirt is sold, you can get 50% of the sales profit as your royalties. As long as there are sales, you can continuously get income. We're going to put some of the money that Mint gets into mass production and marketing. The last thing to say is that Skull can x anything, not just T-shirts, peace. The idea is to build a punk style community to interact with each other, help each other, we don't have roadmaps and all that bullshit about future plans, it's very boring. We only believe that future planning depends on the community, a democratic and free community.


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