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2022. 7. 16.
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2022. 6. 25.
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What is REMEDAO?
The best ecosystem for users
Our services are now operational on multiple chains, allowing projects, communities and token developers to utilize the suitable tools for them.

Rebase System
Simply BUY-HOLD-EARN, users can enjoy up to 368,296.57% APY

Meme Token
Every 24 hours, the system will automatically buy the meme token that gets most votes by holders and distributes to all $RMD holders.

Everyday, users can propose, vote for their favorite meme tokens. The most vote token will be bought and distributed automatically by the RemeDAO system right after the voting end.

Anti-whale System
The maximum selling per day is 1%-5% of token, so the chart will be very healthy and the real hodlers can get their maximum return.

Rebase System
Simply buy-hold-earn

The RemeDAO pay hodlers 0.025% compound per 16 minutes, it means 368,296.57% per year.

The first and foremost purpose of insurance is avoiding the system collapsed. When the price crash, the Insurance will be used to buy the token on the market and then burn them all! This action will reduce the circulation supply on the marketing and help backing the price of $RMD. For every trade, 2.5% of the fee will be charged and back into the Insurance Wallet.

What is the most important of a token? That is the token usecases. The more usecases it has, the more value it will be. So 2.5% of trading fees will be added to RemeDAO Treasury. The treasury will be used to fund marketing, new products, services, and projects that will expand and provide more value to the community.

Meme Token
Free Meme Token Everyday

  • For every 24 hours, the system will use 5% of trading fee to buy a meme token and then quota distribute to all hodlers.
  • For the token choosing, the system will apply the DAO governance. The most vote token will be choosed and buy automatically and then immediatelly distribute to all hodlers.
  • Remember to join the Governance and propose your favorite meme token to be choosed!


Decentralize Autonomous Organization Governance
  • To join the vote, you can access via the app of RemeDAO, scroll to the DAO menu.
  • Every 24 hours, you can vote for the most loved meme token. The most voted token will be bought automatically. After that, you can claim it in the Claim Reward menu.
  • Watch the price and sell at the right time. And don't forget, be a diamond hand!


Anti-whale System Maximum Sell
  • For the sake of hodlers, RemeDAO apply an anti-whale system. The maximum sell is 1-3% per day depend on the time of joining.
  • This will make the chart healthier, sustain the model and absolutely for the hodlers.


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