Futurist Conference’s Leading Sponsor, Plouton Mining, Raises Over $1 Million Dollars in Presale and Notes

2019년 8월 1일 보도 자료로 돌아 가기

Plouton Mining, which will be the largest solar-powered mining operation in North America, announces title sponsorship of Canada’s largest blockchain event, the Futurist Conference. Founder and CEO, Ramak J. Sedigh will also be giving a fireside chat, sharing with the audience Plouton’s mission to create a sustainable infrastructure within the bitcoin mining landscape. The talk will take place on Wednesday, August 14 at about 4:30 PM just before Brock Pierce’s keynote address. 

This partnership with Futurist aligns with Plouton’s latest achievement of raising over a million dollars to date. 

Ramak J. Sedigh, CEO of Plouton Mining, said “ We are excited to announce our partnership with Futurist 19 in the form of Title Sponsorship. The conference’s focus on the future of technology aligns with our mission of providing people with an opportunity to invest in the growing bitcoin economy and to become a shareholder in an ESG project that’s sustainable and affordable with long term structure. We look forward to sharing our plans to build the largest solar-powered bitcoin mining operation in North America with Canada’s tech community. ” 

"We are so excited to partner with Plouton Mining as a title sponsor and official host of the Plouton Mining Cabana Closing Party on August 14th. Plouton Mining's aims to revolutionize bitcoin mining aligns with this year’s conference theme of using sustainable thinking and technology to create a better future. It’s projects like Plouton that will take us all into the next prosperous decade," said Tracy Leparulo, CEO of Untraceable - Organizer of the Futurist Conference.

For more information, visit Plouton Mining’s newly launched website.

For media inquiries, please contact Kili Wall at (310) 260-7901 or [email protected]

About Plouton Mining 

Plouton Mining will be North America’s largest solar-powered bitcoin mining facility. Based in Western Mojave, CA, Plouton Mining will implement new, sustainable mining practices that will allow the industry to continue to scale and grow. Instead of relying on “cheap electricity” that will increase in price over time and become unsustainable, Plouton Mining leads the next generation of bitcoin miners by harnessing the power of sustainable energy. Plouton Mining will set the standard for future mining operations by establishing a green, scalable, and sustainable mining solution that will benefit investors, the environment, and local utility companies.

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