Blockchain 3.0 Bangalore

2020년 1월 13일 보도 자료로 돌아 가기

Reportedly 60% of blockchain adoption and innovation is happening in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance space. The conference will bring together the top innovators and industry experts leading the adoption of blockchain technology in the BFSI sector. The Blockchain 3.0 aims to be a facilitating platform for bringing the early adopters, innovators and niche service providers together on 28th February 2020 in Bangalore. 

 Why BFSI? : 

There is significant potential for growth in enterprise adoption of Blockchain in the Healthcare, Retail and Logistics sectors in India. BFSI already in the front right now. Currently, 40+ Blockchain initiatives are being executed by the public sector in India, with ~92% in pilot/POC phase and ~8% projects in the production phase. 

Additionally, the conference will elaborate on Blockchain’s participation in building smarter ways to manage any transactional process across industries with the least hurdles. Also, it will talk about the way blockchain technology is contributing to faster, safer & more efficient enablement of businesses than ever before. 

Major Topics to be Covered: 

> Blockchain & the future of banking 
> Lending to India’s aspirational economy 
> What’s next in Payments Innovation? 
> Jam Session: Different blockchain technology showcases by Fintech companies 
> Blockchain and its implication in AML and KYC compliance. 
> Hyperledger for Enterprises 
> Blockchain & AI Case Studies 
> Use cases of blockchain – Supply Chain, Healthcare and Technology 
> Blockchain in the Insurance sector 
> New Tech, New Threats: Understanding the Security of Blockchain 

Speaker Lineup : 

The event includes global blockchain thought leaders and technology players like : 

●Navaneethan M, Senior Vice President & CISO & Head of IT - PayU
●Tanish Mathur, Assistant Vice President - HSBC
●Denny Joseph, Director - KPMG
●Aditya Sinha, Investment Banking Analyst - Goldman Sachs
●Ravi Jagannathan, President & CEO - KrypC
●Raja Piramuthu, Director - Capgemini
●Chandni Arora, Manager - Hitachi Consulting
●Vijay Kumar, Senior Program Manager - TiVo
●Sharat Chandra, Ambassador - Hedera Hashgraph & GBA
●Prasoon Mukherjee, VP- Unit Head - Societe Generele
●Siddharth Sharma, Digital Banking | Consulting - PwC
●Ankit Ratan, Founder - Signzy 

Why Attend Blockchain 3.0 : 

●Discover Emerging Trends
●Hands-on Experience
●Interactive Q&A Sessions
●Real Life Experiences
●Expand Your Professional Network
●Handpicked Talks 

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