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LightLink offers a unique solution for enterprises and individuals looking to leverage the power of blockchain technology. By providing faster, cheaper transactions, enhanced security and privacy, and seamless interoperability with other blockchain networks, LightLink is equipped to help businesses in a variety of industries unlock the full potential of blockchains and its network effect. The robust, scalable architecture and strong partnerships with leading organisations in the blockchain space render LightLink suited to help enterprises create new opportunities for growth and innovation.
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LightLink is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that lets dApps and enterprises offer users instant, gasless transactions. Integrating optimistic rollups with its proprietary stack, LightLink potentially offers a transaction throughput more than 400 times Ethereum's, ensuring unmatched scalability and a streamlined user experience. LightLink's novel Enterprise Mode enables businesses to operate gas-free, allowing users on their platforms to engage in a secure, user-friendly blockchain network without transaction fees, barriers to entry, or the need for any tokens. LightLink already powers over 25 partnerships, including Grapes and The Red Village, and is being integrated in Translucia, a US$300 million venture by T&B Media Global and MQDC. LightLink's mission is to seamlessly integrate millions into the digital economy through user-focused dApps and enterprise partnerships, making blockchain as intuitive and accessible as Web2, without the complexity of gas fees and protocols.

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  • 2017 - 2022

  • Lightlink alpha development
    Digital wallet development
    Anchor technology - publishing proof of layer 1
    Onboarding of first major investment bank client
    Translucia/CP Group partnership
    Development of Lightlink L2 commence
    Token contract audit
    Blockchain audit
  • Q1 2023

  • Lightlink TGE
    Pegasus - testnet online
    Lightlink Whitepaper V1 published
    Lightlink Tokenomics V2 published
    LightLink One-Pager
    Roadmap V1 Published
    Private seed raise complete
    Private main-net goes online
    The Red Village migrates to Lightlink
  • Q2 2023

  • Tridentity migration complete to Lightlink
    Translucia Metaverse launching on Lightlink
    IDO/IEO launch & Exchange listing
  • Q3 2023

  • Establish R&D team for ZK implementation

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Roy Hui
Co-Founder, CEO
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Olivia Romero
Co-Founder, COO
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Daniel Enright
Ecosystem Lead
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