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Kalahari is a token for a vibrant community that connects people with nature. The Kalahari approach is to invest in and empower the environmentalists with the needed resources. The goal is that through our DAO, free metaverse mining, gaming, property buying and selling, and other activities, environmentalists are financially empowered so that they take environmental leadership worldwide. There is greater power in passionate people who have the resources.
Seed Sale
2월, 2022
2월, 2022
100% 완료된
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300 000.00 USD
500 000.00 USD
  • 1 KLR
    0.001 USD
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10,000,000,000 Kalahari tokens minted.

10% Team
15% Staking Rewards
15% For the Ecosystem
15% Donations
15% Airdrops, Private and Public sales.
30% For Liquidity. Locked Forever.
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Gamayun Technologies
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United States
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Feb 3, 2027
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약 Kalahari

Kalahari (KLR) is defined as a virtual reality token on the Binance Smart Chain that offers users an opportunity to virtually experience, monetize, relate, and enjoy the beauty of the natural world. It is within this world that the members can buy virtual plots of land, build upon them and monetize through rentals and other environmentally conscious activities.


The community will have a DAO (PolarDAO), A swap (Kuduswap), metaverse, gaming and mining. All these featured are to raise funds that will be shared among holders through random airdrops.

기술 정보

The token is hyper-deflationary and it rewards inventors for holding while also implementing the buybacks.  There are three taxes: 5% to redistribute to the holders, 2% for a buyback, and 3% for marketing and development.

% name % 로드맵

  • Phase 1

  • Concept and website
    Contract building and Launch
    Mint NFTs
    Registration of CMC and CGhecko
  • Phase 2

  • Launch NFT Platform
    Launch Metaverse Gaming
    Launch The First Metaverse Real Estate
    Launch Green Metaverse Mining
    Launch Polar DAO
    10,000 Environmental Millionaires Created
  • Phase 3

  • Get Partners
    Launch Second Metaverse Real Estate
    Launch a Blockchain
    100,000 Environmental Millionaires Created
  • Phase 4

  • Marketing and Partnership
    Launch Another Real Estate
    1M+ Environmental Millionaires Created
    Launch a Blockchain

Kalahari 팀

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Elias Nyantaknaya
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Emmanuel Black
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Ming Wang
Technical Lead
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$30 000

Charity Smilley
Social Media
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