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HoH is a collection of 7,000 NFT digital collectibles. This collection of Heroes & Villains will be released in phases. Drops Jan ‘22
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약 HerdofHeroes

The Herd of Heroes is a group of superhero space cows that travelled to Earth from the planet Cowtron thousands of years ago. These heroes, led by Bulls-eye, were sent to protect the planet Earth from their arch-enemies...the Cows of Moodor.

The Cows of Moodor have long wanted to conquer Earth to control and devour its abundant resources. With nearly 1,000 years of grass to consume and uranium to mine, the only thing preventing the total destruction of our planet is and has always been the Herd of Heroes.

The past 500 years have seen quiet and peace in the Milky Way Galaxy, but the Moodorians remain as vigilant as ever in their desire to control the planet Earth. A young and powerful Cow by the name of Moo-tant has just assumed power of the Moodorians, promising his horde that he will defeat the Herd of Heroes and rule Earth once and for all.

The battle of good versus evil is just beginning! Now it's time for you to pick a side.

So...Are you a hero or are you a villain?

Why don't you join our community and find out!

The Specs

Each Cow (Hero & Villain) is original and programmatically generated from a number of different traits, including superhero suits, masks, facial expressions, and tons more. Also, be on the lookout for special promotions where we will give away limited edition and rare Cow Superheroes.

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  • PHASE 1 - DROP

  • 2000 HERO and 2000 Villain cows

  • The community defines how we will reward real live heroes in our communities and how we will donate to alex's lemonade stand to fight childhood cancer
  • PHASE 3 - DROP

  • 1000 3D and 360' rotating hero & 1000 3D and 360' rotating villain cows

  • Source ideas from our community and begin creating our heroes backstories and character arcs
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  • PHASE 5 - DROP

  • Our community will determine how many cows we drop in our final limited edition drop


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