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The token of choice for global charities.Providing a mutually beneficial relationship between charities, donors and investors using the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.
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약 GlobalGive

GlobalGive is a revolving charity token project focused on having broad donation appeal by selecting and curating charities hand in hand with YOU the community member. GlobalGive aims to start as a simple charity donation token, and rapidly broaden into a platform that allows crypto investors to donate to causes of their choice with the $GGIVE token.

GlobalGive has unique tokenomics geared to long term HODLers:
  • 1.5 Bil token supply at launch
  • 1% of total supply max transaction limit
  • No fees/taxes for buying on Pancake Swap (Pancake Swap’s fees still apply)
  • 10% base transaction rate with 2% redistribution to holders, 2% burn and 4% put back into the LP
  • Progressive whale tax system for sales > 0.1% of the total supply. (see for the specifics)
  • Manual burn feature available to dev team if needed
  • All presale/airdropped tokens cannot be sold at launch. 25% of presale/airdrop tokens unlock each month until all tokens are unlocked after 4 months. (Launch was 01 May 2021)
Who founded GlobalGive?

GlobalGive was founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts that were rugged pulled by a scam token. In the rubble of a scammed Telegram group they decided that the only way forward for the space was to provide legitimacy by forming their own team of enthusiasts and experts.

Our team is fully doxxed with first and last names and pictures available on our website. We hold AMAs at least weekly, but often more. The GlobalGive team is based out of the UK, US, France, Japan, Germany and Argentina.

Our core team is as follows: * Lee Culp - Communications Director * Nic Davidson - Technical Director * John Ikwuobe - Development Director * Damian Knight - Charity Director * Nadia Monem - Brand Director

The GlobalGive team is dedicated to helping cryptocurrency investors new and old get interested in the space. Our team of moderators will help guide you through purchasing if BSC tokens or Pancake Swapping is new to you, just pop into one of our many communities below and ask for help, we will be happy to assist.

GGIVE evolved from a small group of defiant crypto enthusiasts to a broad and diverse body of talents dedicated towards making the cryptoverse a SAFU place for investors to generate wealth and encourage true altruism.

GGIVE is established upon the principle of transparency in both the cryptosphere and the charity space. 

Every member of our team is Given to charity and is fully doxed on all our platforms. 

Furthermore, our tokenomics ensures an organic growth of our token to facilitate our charity endeavours. Some important features of our token that differentiates us from the rest include: a progressive “toxic whale” tax, a bot killer tax, automatic liquidity pool (LP) generation, dedicated charity wallets, and static reflection

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  • THE INNER CORE - 1000 holders
    GGIVE launch – 1st May 2021
    Initial website and socials launch
    Coingecko lisitng
  • THE OUTER CORE - 10000 holders
    First charity partnership
    First exchange listing
    Marketing firm and influencer partnership
  • THE MANTLE - 50000 holders
    Application to major exchanges
    Website and socials rebrand
    Merch store launch
    Project Mantle
  • THE CRUST - 100,000 holders
    NFT Marketplace
    AMA with Elon Musk
    GGIVE App


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