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GFC (Global Free Coin) is a revolutionary initiative with the aim at empowering everyone to enter the world of crypto. With cryptocurrency growing at a staggering rate throughout the globe it has become evident that the market is currently dominated by the wealthy as purchasing crypto can be a very costly and not accessible to the masses. With the many advantages attached to utilizing cryptocurrencies, it is not merely seen as an investment but also the most secure and fastest means of trading across borders due to the elimination of conversion from currency to currency, which often comes with a multitude of hidden costs and obstacles.
Cryptocurrency is no longer an option and is fast becoming a necessity in all aspects of everyday life. Shopping platforms are evolving along with the crypto world and more and more shopping platforms are coin based because of the transparency and speed. Unfortunately provision was not made for the masses with regards to crypto.
GFC aim at removing the current exclusivity of crypto and providing a crypto coin that is abundant and affordable to everyone. 
With a Total Token Supply of 500 Billion it will allow every person on earth to own 70 GFC, whereas other currencies have a limited supply.
We are truly making Crypto Accessible to everyone.   GFC is determined to pave the way for Global Mass Usage by means of making available a cryptocurrency which is affordable and obtainable to all income groups and by doing so, leveling the ground for the lower income bracket. With the growing rate of crypto usage for investment as well as purchasing and selling it has become fundamental to create an opportunity for all to have access to crypto.
At present cryptocurrencies are not suited for the masses as a limited amount of crypto is available which makes it unattainable to people in the middle and lower income bracket. Cryptocurrency trading and investment is growing at a rate that was never anticipated and not provided for. With Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin etc. provisions were not made for millions whereas billions are needed to accommodate everyone.

The team at Global Free Coin has, after extensive research, established that a solution for this imbalance was detrimental to accommodate everyone and avoid a huge part of the global population being excluded from the advantages of cryptocurrency.
The most effective solution to rectifying the current exclusion is by means of infiltrating the market with a coin that is not only affordable to the masses, but also ensures availability to the billions as opposed to the millions which are currently reaping rewards of limited crypto. Supply must meet demand.

GFC is providing the solution using the Ethereum Blockchain because of its stability within the crypto market. Wallets and Exchanges are readily available, mining is guaranteed as a multitude of altcoins run on top of the Ethereum Blockchain and they have substantiated technology which is fast and reliable for both storage and exchange of value.    


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