Flat City

Flat City

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2022. 7. 7.

contactless per-minute rental housing
март 2022 - яварь 2023
2022. 10. 26.
2023. 1. 23.
100% 완료된
$19 440 000
86% 캡 완료된
1 170 000.00 USD
22 500 000.00 USD
  • 1 FCITY
    0.013 USD
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토큰 배포
Частная продажа - 90 000 000 (10%)
Команда - 90 000 000 (10%)
Фонд стабильности - 252 000 000 (28%)
Баунти - 18 000 000 (2%)
Air drop - 45 000 000 (5%)
Публичное предложение - 405 000 000 (45%)
허용 된 통화
최소 기부금
기업 세부 정보
등록 된 회사 이름
ООО Флэт Сити
등록 된 국가
회사 설립
Feb 17, 2014
보너스 구조
1Q 2022 - 6%
2Q 2022 - 5%
3Q 2022 - 4%
4Q 2022 - 3%
1Q 2023 - 2%
추가 세부 사항
MVP / 프로토 타입
Tron (TRC-20)
, ...에서 Mar 1, 2022 까지 Jan 23, 2023

% name % 로드맵

  • 1Q 2022

  • Creation of a back-log, formation of a team, description of the function of the application and product logic. Market research, building a business model.
  • 1Q 2022

  • Development of prototypes, development of production design, formation of a team of development. Preparation of the legal base, research and segmentation of the target audience.
  • 2Q 2022

  • The opening of legal entities (Russia, CIS). Start of application development, launch of a marketing campaign.
  • 3Q 2022

  • Expansion of the project team, MVP release with weekly releases. Attraction of angelic investments, preparation for the conclusion of partner contracts, creation of a network partnership program, beginning of collecting business leads.
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  • 4Q 2022

  • Release of the demo version of the application for iOS and Android. Advanced business panel with a designer for business, starting a partner support service. Commission from transactions, native response. . Reviews, a tool for increasing and distributing the flow of customers. Paid services for business (Constructor, HR services), referral deductions from the affiliate program.
  • 1Q 2023

  • Percentage of the sale of insurance products. Premium packages for business. Entering the Market, multiple extensions of the application functionality, the ability to make payments within your own chat, the release of the application in the AppStore and Google Play, integration with aggregators, access to insurance products. Beginning of partnership with operators.
  • 1Q 2023

  • Development of Cleaning FCity. Integration with enterprise automation systems, submission of documents to the exchange, support of user video content, start-up of HR functionality for business.
  • 1Q 2023

  • Demo version of Cleaning FCity. Implementation of the token within the system.
  • 1Q 2023

  • Creation of detailed services.e. Launch of Cleaning FCity Listing on the stock exchange.

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Chief Financial Officer, Blockchain Architect
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Head of Sales Department
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Flat City 인터뷰

As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
The ecosystem is focused on the client's life.

Flat City is a service of contactless, minute-by-minute rental housing. Hotel City is an online hotel reservation service.
What do you think about idea?
Cleaning FCity is a mobile application for cleaners that allows you to get a job online and start cleaning objects in a convenient location.
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Я являюсь Руководителем подразделения продаж , занимаюсь обучением сотрудников , моя задача продавать Token Fcity инвесторам
What do you think about idea?
I think many people will want to save money when renting apartments, since they will not have to pay a deposit and a realtor's commission when renting real estate
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