Fitness Empire Metaverse

Fitness Empire Metaverse

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약 Fitness Empire Metaverse

Our team is build of a number of people from a several countries who want to do good to the world of the blockchain and Metaverse. Fitness Empire Metaverse CEO is from Austria while the main developer is from Hungary, They met several years ago at a ski resort in Hungary.You could say that’s where the idea of ​​Fitness Empire started.

It is important to note that we chose to develop on Cardano since one of the development members is a very important figure in Cardano community (which will be published later), and also of course since Cardano is a very convenient network for programming and the fees are low.

The goal of the project is to create a world in which not only will you be able to play and earn these but also produce sporting activities while being worthwhile. For the purpose of the example, after the sale of the land sale and in the final stages of development, we will release sneakers to our land holders, every kilometer you will walk / run will provide you $FitnessEmpire token.

Fitness Empire will be the central place where not only athletes will earn and learn, It will be also a health center. For example chefs from around the world will be able to do workshops on healthy food and enjoy from earning $FitnessEmpire token.

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  • 2021 Q4

  • • Team creation
    • Legal Counsel
    • Technology Consulting
  • 2022 Q1

  • • Team & Advisor finalization
    • Announcement
    • Campaigns
  • 2022 Q2

  • • Fitness Empire vision begins
    • Discord Server launch
    • Website launch
    • Policy ID
    • Verifed on biggest Marketplaces
    • First public Land Sale
    • Limited Airdrop to estate holders
    • Further Team expansion
    • Map Explorer updates
  • 2022 Q3

  • • Second Public Land sale
    • Release $FitnessEmpire token
    • Token airdrop to land holders
    • Token exchanges listing
    • First live event with the developer
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  • 2022 Q4

  • • Technical audit
    • Test intorperability cross chain and cross metaverse
    • Third and last sale
    • Fitness empire game alpha release

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David Lanner
CEO and Founder
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Anton Schmidt
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Robin Fessler
Fullstack developer
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Zoe Schwarz
Strategic Partnerships
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Jamie Bogen
3D Artist
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Sarah Kanner
Web Developer
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Alexander Schmid
Head of Finance
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Pia Neurath
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