Malaysia Blockchain Week 2024

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

약 Malaysia Blockchain Week 2024

Announcing the inception of MY Blockchain Week 2024, a pivotal milestone in the Malaysian blockchain saga, dedicated to bridging visionary minds from around the world and leading the charge in blockchain innovation. MY Blockchain Week 2024 is more than just our inaugural event – it’s a resolute declaration of our dedication to forge a global nexus for the global blockchain community, right in the cradle of Truly Asia.


Tracy Zhang
Co Founder & CMO @ Followin
Patricia Arro
Co-contributor @ Polkadot SEA | OpenGuild Polkadot
Cheelip Ong
Regional Chief Creative Officer @ Lion & Lion Creative Acts
Katherine Ng
Founder and Managing Partner @ Katashe Solutions Managing Partner
Matthew Tan
CEO @ Etherscan Etherscan
Jansen Teng
CEO & Co-founder @ Virtuals Protocol Virtuals Protocol
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Aaron Choo
Head of Business Development @ CoinMarketCap CoinMarketCap
Bobby Ong
Co-Founder | COO @ CoinGecko Coingecko
Chess Che
CEO @ GM Network
Edna Lee
Director @ Ednaverse Metaverse Post
Choo Jin Wai
CMC Labs Lead @ CoinMarketCap CoinMarketCap
Daryl Lim
General Partner @ TRIVE Digital General Partner Delta Blockchain Fund
Dr. Kang Li
Chief Security Officer @ Certik CertiK
David Wang
Co-Founder | CEO @ ZONE Wallet ZONE Wallet
Business Development Director @Space Nation Space Nation
Dr. Irma Naddiya Bt Mushaddik
Head of School, School of Accounting and Finance @ Nilai University Nilai University
CFO @ Oobit Oobit
Co-Founder @ ISC KBIS Capital
George Wong
Country Manager @ The Sandbox The Sandbox
Jianjun Liu
Vice-President @ Sora Ventures Sora Ventures
Joan Ng
CEO @ Colorverse Colorverse
Jenny Nguyen
COO @ Kyros Ventures & Coin68 Coin68
Jonathan Quek
Co-Founder @ Future Trends Future Trends
Ivan Lau
Co-Founder | CEO @ Pantheon Lab Limited Lab Limited
Co-Founder @ Bored Slot Bored Slot
Co-Founder @ Chasm Chasm
Kevin Ang
Developer Growth Lead @ Aptos Aptos Labs
Chase Chung
Dev Rel @ Polkadot SEA | OpenGuild Polkadot
Maeve McKenna Duska
Co-Founder @ Pukecast & Rug Radio Asia Pukecast & Rug Radio Asia
Chezka Gonzales
Co-Founder @ Philippine Blockchain Week ICP.Hub Philippines
Chairman @ Oobit Oobit
Nicole Nguyen
Co-founder @ APAC DAO APAC DAO
Noelle Lee
CRO @ Lydian Labs Lydian Labs
Alvin Kan
COO @ Bitget Wallet Bitget
Nicole Yap
Founder @ 8SIAN NFT BEAT
Gracy Chen
CEO @ Bitget Bitget
Co-Founder @ Pukecast & Rug Radio Asia Pukecast & Rug Radio Asia
Peter Ing
Founder @ YEY Technologies & BlockchainSpace Blockchain Space
Pipat Wattanamongkolsiri
CEO @ 9 CAT Digital Smart Trip Platform
Co-Founder @ Jupiter Jupiter
Shawn Chong
Co-Founder @ Salus Salus Alpha Group
Victor Ji
Co-founder @ Manta Network Manta Network
Yellow Panther
Forbes Web3 Gaming Creator of the Year | Founder of @GamingGridx
Yanshan Tan
Head of APAC @ Figment 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭


2024. 7. 29. 오전 9:00 , MYT (UTC +8)
2024. 8. 1. 오후 6:00 , MYT (UTC +8)