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Through building a biblical-sized monument in honor of one of the wealthiest, most powerful, and instantly recognizable man in the world, Elon Musk, Elon GOAT Token embarks on a cryptocurrency-fueled mission unlike anything else the space has ever experienced.
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약 Elon GOAT

Elon GOAT Token

Elon GOAT Token ($EGT) is building a biblical sized monument on the back of a semi-trailer dedicated to the Godfather of Crypto, Elon Musk. When the Elon GOAT is complete, we’re towing it to Tesla and demanding that Elon claims his GOAT! The Elon GOAT Monument will serve as an anchor to the Token and as a tribute to the world’s Crypto community!

Powered by an almost guaranteed underlying virality factor, alongside an immensely experienced team and world-famous designers, ElonGoat will construct and tour a real-life, quintessential monument that the cryptocurrency space deserves. When the Elon GOAT is completed, we’re towing it to Tesla and demanding that Elon claim his GOAT! The Elon GOAT Monument will serve as an anchor to the token and as a tribute to the world’s Crypto community!


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  • Phase 1

  • Establish Socials and Public Telegram Chatroom

    Logo Design

    Smart Contract and Audit Report

    Tokenomic Structure and Whitepaper

    Internal Private Sales A + B Completed

    Private Sale Funds of $21,000.00 to Retain “Danny Wang Design”

    Secure Lease of 55ft Semi Trailer for Build-out of “Elon Goat Monument”

    Danny Wang Design Provides 3D Rendering of Elon Goat
  • Phase 2

  • • Authorize Danny Wang Design to Provide Updates on Their Socials (3 Million Followers)
    • Deploy Marketing
    • Deploy Smart Contract
    • Complete Public Sale and Lock LP
    • Open Market Trading of “Elon Goat Token”
    • Dextools Listing
    • Coin Market Cap Listing
    • Trust Wallet EGT Token Logo
    • Place Trailer on Build Site
    • Build Team of Chat Moderators and Have 24/7 Live Voice Chat on EGT Telegram
    • Implement Plan to Have #claimyourgoat Trending on Socials Globally
  • Phase 3

  • • Coin Gecko Listing
    • Danny Wang Design Provides Blueprints for Construction
    • Elon Goat Monument Inspired NFT Series Release Begins on Open Sea
    • Construction Begins Under the Supervision of Danny Wang Design and His Contractors
    • Establish First Exchange Listing for EGT
    • Marketing Campaign Surrounding Construction Updates in Full Effect
    • Explore Alternative Resting Places for Elon’s Monument as a Potential Alternative
    • Announce the Next Major Initiative for EGT’s Future Development and Sustainability
  • Phase 4

  • • Complete Construction of Elon Goat Monument
    • Tour Elon Goat Monument Towed by Semi Truck to Events for EGT Token
    • Further Develop EGT NFT Series Based on Original Art and Photographs of Tour
    • Deliver Elon Goat Monument to Elon Musk at His Place of Work for Him to Claim
    • Deliver and Crane Elon Goat from Trailer to Elon’s Desired Resting Place for His Goat
    • Tier One Exchange Listing


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